Maserati Repair Services


Maserati is a luxury car line that got its start in Bologna, Italy in 1914. It was started by the 5 Maserati brothers who were all avidly involved with the new technology that was motor cars. It wasn’t until 1926 though that the first Maserati car was built. In fact, one of the very first Maseratis was driven in the 1926 Targa Flori (car race) by Alfieri Maserati and he won! Although Alfieri died in 1932 his brothers kept on making the cars that he loved.


The remaining Maserati brothers hung on to the business until 1937 when they sold their remaining shares to the family of Adolfo Orsi. In 1940 the company relocated to Modena where it is to this day. Although the Maserati brothers sold the company they remained with it in engineering roles. The racing successes continued with their designs and in both 1939 and 1940 it was a Maserati that won the Indianapolis 500. To this day, they remain the only Italian car manufacturer that has won that race.


1968 saw another change of ownership when French manufacturer, Citroen, took the reins. Adolfo Orsi stayed with the company as president but the manufacturing methods underwent drastic changes. Production was speeded up and designs from the two companies were interchanged incorporating some Maserati designs in Citroen cars and some Citroen designs in the Maseratis.

De Tomaso

Leadership changes were once again present in 1975 when the Benelli company bought Maserati from Citroen so that Alejandro De Tomaso could run it. Almost instantly new models were introduced and changes were made once again. In the 1980’s the main design of the vehicles changed from sports car to front engine rear drive coupes.

Fiat, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo

In 1993 the company was sold once again…this time to Fiat. They invested a lot in the company and since then it has made a comeback. Fiat also owned Ferrari who had been a longtime rival of Maserati. In 1997, Fiat Auto sold half of the Maserati shares to the Fiat branch and then in 1999 Fiat took over control of Maserati and built a new factory for it.
Maserati has been back on the market in the US since 2002. In fact, the US is now the largest Maserati market in the world.

Maserati changed hands most recently in 2005 when it split off from Ferrari and the merged with Alfa Romeo.

Maserati has a long history. When you have a Maserati you want it to be taken care of by someone who has a history of working with the vehicle. With Mark Douglas Motors that is exactly what you get. Trust your baby to Mark Douglas and you will get quality repairs every time.

Maserati Service and Repair

Since its inception, the Maserati line has been associated with luxury as well as performance. Your Maserati is a masterpiece and our top-of-the line techs can service is and keep it in top shape like no one else (overpriced Maserati dealers included). Our Maserati technicians have years in servicing Maserati vehicles by way of brake jobs, transmission work, performance upgrades, suspension work, tire and wheel service among other things. Our European auto repair experts will keep your Maserati running like new!