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Porsche is a German company that is known for the automobiles it produces. The company was founded in 1931 in Stuttgart, Germany. Ironically, it didn’t produce cars at first but it did offer motor vehicle consulting and work. The first vehicle that was produced by Porsche was the Volkswagen Beetle. This vehicle was actually commissioned by the German government as a vehicle for the people.


Currently, models made by Porsche include sports car models like the Boxster and Roadster and even their model that is the most famous…the 911. The Cayman is sort of like the Boxster but has a hard top. The Porsche entry to the SUV line is the Cayenne and they also have a high performance luxury sedan (saloon) called the Panamera which made its debut in 2009.

Electric and Hybrid Models

As far as going green, conserving natural resources and being eco-friendly goes, Porsche has contributed by adding a few hybrid/electric models to their line. In 2010, the Cayenne S Hybrid was launched and there were also announcements made to the effect that concept 918 Spyder as well as the Panamera Hybrid featured these eco-friendly systems too.

Also released by Porsche Intelligent Performance is the electric Boxster which is known as the Boxster E as well as a hybrid version of the GT3 known as the GT3 R Hybrid. While it is speculated that there will be a forthcoming electric 911, it has yet to be formally announced.

Motor Sports

In the world of motor sports, Porsche is the most successful brand running. They have a combined number of more than 28,000 wins and 16 of those are as builders in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. As of this writing, Porsche is the largest manufacturer of race cars in the world.


There was a study done in May of 2006 that questioned more than 500 households where the income was over $200,000 annually and the net worth was more than $720,000. The prevalent vehicle brand owned by those in the study was Porsche.


When Porsche introduced the Cayenne as their SUV, it was actually a move that was considered to be questionable. However, even that could not tarnish the credibility of the Porsche name. Some people hail the Cayenne as one of the best 4x4s on the market today. Ironically, those same people are the ones who consider it to be an exploitation of a brand that takes a risk of incurring long-term damage to the identity of that brand in an effort to procure easy money.

That said, the Cayenne has done exceedingly well in the SUV market leading one to wonder if there will ever come a time when Porsche makes a vehicle that flops.

Porsche Auto Services
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