Brake Repair Services for Maserati, Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Audi and more

MDM is proud to provide top-quality Brake Repair and Services for:

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We all know that the braking system in our vehicles are composed of many different parts. Depending on what type of vehicle you have, one small piece that is out of shape and not working correctly could cause your entire brake system to fail. At MDM, we are more than happy to explain everything to you in great detail as me make sure that your car has the brake system repairs that it needs.

Shoe Replacement

When it comes to brake repairs, this is a basic maintenance aspect. Typically, you will want to replace the pads every 20,000 miles although some pads have been known to last for up to 100,000 miles. Most cars now come with something called a wear indicator that will actually stick out from the assembly of the brake pads. Check this when you change your oil in order to determine whether or not to replace the pads. If your brakes are sticking or squealing, stop by today.

Line Replacement

Replacing your lines is one of the most important things when it comes to brakes. The lines carry the brake fluid from the master cylinder throughout the entire brake system. This fluid is imperative in keeping every aspect of the braking system well-lubed and working fine. The fluid has to be clean. If there is even a pin-sized hole in the lines then that tiny hole is an access point for contamination. Getting the fluid contaminated can cause massive damage to the brake system components. There are times when a fluid line can be patched instead of needing to be replaced and the size of the hole will be the deciding factor there. If you have a line out, you will be able to tell because your car will be very difficult to stop.

Random Part Replacement

This area covers each individual component in the braking system. The brake system has many little parts and components and each of these components needs to be able to work well with all of the other little parts in order for your vehicle to be able to stop or slow properly. These parts are too numerous to list here. For example though, calipers can be worn out and cause issues. Calipers are the things that make sure the brake pad stays in position. Just the caliper by itself has parts to it like boots, screws, shims, springs, pistons, pins and a larger metal arm. Each of these parts can degrade over time and with use. If even one of these pieces fails, then your entire brake system can fail as a result. The professionals at MDM will be more than happy to keep you informed about the brake repairs that your car needs.