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Coolant found in the engine block of the Maserati.

It mostly designed to manage the engine’s temperature.

Coolant is transported through the engine block to optimize the temperature.

If the coolant leaks, it is unable to cool the engine and leads to overheating.

Driving a car with coolant leaks can cause severe issues in the engine.

Common Causes of Coolant Leaks

Blown head gasket

Failed water pump

Cracked expansion tank

Hole in the radiator





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Symptoms of Coolant Leaks in Maserati

A fluid puddle will form underneath the car

Coolant is leaking

Frequent overheating of the engine

Illuminated coolant warning light

Discolored and corroded radiator

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How to Avoid Coolant Leaks in Maserati?

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Replace the coolant frequently because the older coolant is more acidic.

A leaking coolant causes a threat to the radiator aluminum and overheats the engine.

If it is not fixed, the coolant might cause a domino effect and endanger other parts.

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