Drawing a BMW i8

by Alejandro Lara

Step 1: Outline the door and windows

Step 2: Outline the bottom and rear part of the vehicle

Step 3: Outline the windshield and front end

Step 4: Outline the fenders, bumper and headlights

Step 5: Outline the grill, hood scoop, and the side mirrors

Step 6: Detail the grill, license plate, mirrors and windows

Step 7: Outline the tires and rims

Step 8: Outline the wheels (each wheel has ten spokes)

Step 9: Darken the fenders and inside the wheels

Step 10: Shade the tires, grill, bumper, door panel and headlights

Step 11: Shade the dark areas and lightly shade the light areas of the car

Step 12: Shade the windows

Step 13: Shade the undercarriage and you’re done

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