• Anita R. via Yelp says:

    Not easy to find a trained Mechanic you can trust and have him work on your exotic car. Dealerships sent me coupons for the first service where I needed to pay over $1k to get an oil change. This is not the case with MDM. Trained mechanic, are legit and don’t add stuff when you pick up your car like dealerships do all the time to get more money out of your pocket. 5stars all the way……will be back for future maintenance and refer friends!!!

  • Elmira S. says:

    I took my 2015 Ghibli to this shop last week. They are good knowledgeable people and their prices are significantly less than the dealership. I called them 15 minutes before I went there, they told me that I can take my car there right away, and it only took 45 minutes to finish the service on my car. From now on, I and my family will take our cars there because we are very satisfied with their service and positive, honest opinion about what needs to be done.

  • Lalo G says:

    I found Mark Douglas through a recommendation from a friend, and I’ve never been more satisfied with the customer service, quality of work, and most importantly their fair and honest pricing.

    When you own an expensive Italian sports car, or a twin turbo Bavarian sports sedan, you want the very best for your precious investment. Now, I’m not one of those people who drops off a car with a stranger. I like to stick around and watch how they treat other customer’s cars as well as my own.

    During my short visit, I witnessed first hand the highest levels of respect and care taken for these beautiful machines. I was also very impressed with their dedication to the job and professionalism. This isn’t one of those shops that won’t be there next week. These guys an established force in the local repair industry.

    I proudly stand by this recommendation and would advise anyone within 100 miles to bring their BMW in for service. If you want the very best, you found it!

  • Scarlett says:

    My Maserati died in the garage like it has many times before, but this time we charged the battery and did all the tricks we know but it was not working. I was referred to Irvine European. I got my car towed there and got informed that it would cost at least 4k and it could be more. It is scary to think that I do not know how much it will cost at the end.

    I did some research from Yelp and thanks to Yelp and I found this company. I talked to them and learned they have special computer for my type of car and their reviews gave me the confidence about their skill on my type of car. In addition, they were patient and nice over the phone.

    So I towed my car to their place and thank god that I made that decision, I got a call from them and was told the specific problem that needed to be fixed and is completely different one from Irvine European diagnosed and the estimate was less than 1500 including everything. I went ahead and it has been never been so good to drive after the repair since May 2016. we used to have trouble with car starting a lot but not any more.

    I appreciate their competency and kind and honest and very affordable price. I will go there in the future for repairs but hopefully no repairs are needed.

  • Rosa says:

    Good to find an expert who knows what he’s takilng about!

  • Stacey D via Yelp says:

    This place is absolutely amazing!!! After dealing with the lack of experience the Maserati dealer has in Mission Viejo I found this honest and professional business. Mark and Sean were both very knowledgeable with my car and were surprised when I told them my air conditioner was out and the Maserati dealer wanted $10,000.00 to repair. I left my car and had a phone call one hour later that a leak was detected and a valve replaced and my car had cold air again. I was saved $9500.00!!!! Disgusted that a dealer would be so dishonest::((
    I can’t express how grateful I am for not only fixing my car but for their honesty which goes along way. I will never take my Maserati anywhere else! A big thanks!

  • Erik R. Via Yelp says:

    If you have a Maserati and need service this is the place to go. Shop is clean enough to eat your lunch off of. Drove up and they did the rest. Car lift did not scrape bottom. Mechanic left no mess or smell up inside, comes back as clean as you put it in, Prices are about half of the dealer without the wait. Also one of a few speciality Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati shops that can reset the computer.

    Yep, they did the extras, add fluid, ck for leaks, tire pressure, brakes, etc.

    Highly recommend.

  • Stacey S. via Yelp says:

    Wow! I just can’t say enough about how awesome Mark is! I have been to many, many mechanics and Mark Douglas Motorworks is by far the best! My car was a mess when I brought it in and when I picked it up, it was like a brand new car! Mark is honest, fair and an amazing mechanic! I could not recommend him enough!

  • Sally P. via Yelp says:

    Great repair shop! I needed my warped steering wheel removed from my car so I could take it to an upholstery shop. Even though very, very busy and on deadline with other cars, Mark slipped me in and quickly removed my steering wheel when others would have said no. He let me store the Maserati Quattroporte there in his parking lot for days while I finally found a upholstery guy that could do the leather work. Mark has worked on my Maserati many times now and he is an honest and knowledgeable mechanic and business owner.

  • Aarif M. via Yelp says:

    Today I took my 2014 Maserati Granturismo to Mark for an oil change. He was great! I called early in the morning, and Mark was changing my oil an hour later. Fast and friendly service. I highly recommend MDM.

  • Jeffrey W. via Yelp says:

    My first time at MDM and I’m very happy with my experience.
    I had my BMW towed into Crevier BMW when the back tire locked up, they estimated a little over $5,000 plus tax so I had it towed to Mark Douglas Motorworks for a second opinion. Mark fixed the car in two days and it was less than half the cost. Mark is a class act, I would recommend MDM to anyone who needs an honest mechanic.

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