Fuel system malfunctions are common in all cars over time; however, in Ferraris the difference in performance is noticeable and concerning. In this article we’ll go over the different parts of the fuel system and what you can do to best maintain them to avoid common malfunctions.

What parts are included in the Fuel System, and what do they do?

Ferrari fuel systems are designed to be highly efficient, giving the car the power it needs; however, they can run into issues somewhere along the way if the various components aren’t well maintained or if the manufacturer’s service suggestions aren’t adhered to. These are the different parts of the fuel system that often run into problems:


Controlled electrically by the car’s computer, the fuel injectors are what open up and “spray” fuel into the engine. Contrary to the function of a carburetor, fuel injection systems are far less harmful to the environment because they produce lower emissions and promote fuel efficiency. Fuel injectors can become clogged—especially when the fuel filter becomes clogged first.


Fuel pumps in Ferraris are usually an in-tank system that requires inspections from time to time. Failing fuel pumps are a problem because the pump will not be able to produce the pressure allowing the fuel to flow from the tank through the injectors to the engine. The body on the pump can crack over time, leading to leaks and other issues.


As we mentioned before, the fuel injectors can become clogged if the filter isn’t doing its job properly. The filter is meant to keep contaminants out of your fuel, and therefore out of your engine. When the filter becomes worn or dirty, it can cause fuel flow issues and can also lead to engine buildup and contamination.


The in-tank fuel pump system in most Ferraris is somewhat complex, contrary to popular belief. There are plenty of areas for failure in the tank alone. For instance, the fuel sensor and relay or sending unit can also fail, leading to inaccurate fuel gauge readings.

Relays, Sensors, and More

The electrical components that are responsible for reporting fuel data to the car’s ECU can also fail, which can also be problematic for your car’s ability to determine the proper fuel-to-air ratio and provide reliable information about the gas level to the driver.

How you can prevent fuel system problems

These are a few of the things you can do for your Ferrari that will prevent fuel system issues form coming up in the future:

Use good quality fuel

Quality fuel cannot be found everywhere; some gas stations cut corners and mix their gas with water or other dilutive liquids. This is not only terrible for your engine and fuel system, but it winds up being a total waste of money. Be sure to bring your Ferrari only to a reputable gas station with quality fuel.

Perform ongoing inspections and services

Occasionally fuel injectors may need to be cleaned, filters need to be replaced, and hoses and lines need to be inspected. Your Ferrari can’t stay a “well-oiled machine” on its own, and it requires specialized care from a Ferrari expert.

Use the right kind of gas for you car

Your Ferrari owner’s manual designates the appropriate type of fuel your car needs in order to keep the engine and fuel system running clean and optimally. This will help promote the highest standards of power in your Ferrari and keep the fuel system from clogging.

Hiring a specialist is an important first step

It cannot be expressed enough how important it is to hire a specialist to handle your Ferrari maintenance and repair services. Giving your Ferrari the best care possible will prevent issues with the fuel system from coming up, but it will also make your car more reliable and allow your Ferrari to reach its highest performance potential.

What we can do to help

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