It is impossible to mention top luxury vehicle brands without Aston Martin models making it to the list. This is because the manufacturer of the vehicles under this brand has continuously taken a good chunk of the market share by continually producing high performance cars with elegance and undeniable luxury. These vehicles cost a pretty penny and so when owners get them, they expect nothing short of perfectly smooth rides for the next long time.

While luxury and elegance are top on Aston Martin vehicles’ selling points, they are also rated very highly among performance oriented cars. This can be attributed to the fact that their vehicles are made with extremely powerful engines whose horsepower will wow just about anyone; speed enthusiast or not.

The powerful engines in Aston Martin models require plenty of oil to run efficiently. With any less oil, the performance is not only diminished but the engine will also be exposed to damage. To prevent this from happening, Aston Martin vehicles are fitted with an automated oil pressure switch.

What Does the Oil Pressure Switch Do?

The oil pressure switch is an engine component that is comes on and turns off depending on the communication sent by the oil pressure sensor. It therefore serves the purpose of regulating the oil pressure level in the engine. In fuel injected engines like those found in Aston Martin vehicles, keeping the level of oil in the engine at a particular level makes it possible for the oil to have the correct amount of pressure as it gets introduced into the combustion chamber.

The oil pressure switch is in turn controlled by a flexible diaphragm that is affected by the pressure exerted on it by the oil in the engine. When the pressure is at optimum levels, it pushes against the diaphragm which then closes the contact turning on the switch. On the other hand, when the oil pressure runs low, the switch automatically switches off since there is no pressure against the diaphragm and the contact is deactivated.

Low oil pressure in the engine usually causes a warning light on the dashboard of the car to come on. In certain situations, however, the oil pressure warning light can come on on the dashboard of the car and after checking on the level of oil in the engine you find that it is at the recommended level. The possible explanation to this is that the oil pressure switch may have become faulty.

Causes of Faults in the Oil Pressure Switch

The oil pressure switch in an Aston Martin can send off the wrong signals as a result of faults in other parts of the engine for instance. A problem in the oil pressure sensor may cause the wrong readings to deactivate the switch and cause the oil pressure gauge to come on. This is often linked to electrical faults within the wiring system of the car that controls the sensor.

The oil pressure switch can also develop mechanical problems on its own over time due to long wear. Should the diaphragm that is normally made of a kind of rubber wear out, the oil pressure may compromise its integrity and send out wrong signals.

Possible Solutions for a Faulty Oil Pressure Switch

The only way to determine the reason why the oil pressure gauge on the dashboard of your Aston Martin is on is by running diagnostics on it. This should be done when the engine is running and when the engine is not in order to compare. The oil pressure warning light coming on on the dashboard should be attended to as soon as possible in order to protect the engine from potentially grave damage.

Having a qualified and certified mechanic Aston Martin Oil Quality Check have a look at your car during regularly scheduled maintenance visits will enable you to prevent your car from falling victim to faulty oil pressure switches. If the warning light has already come on in your car, you should immediately check into your auto repair shop and have the proper diagnostics run on your car. This will make it possible to determine the actual reason for the warning before solutions ore offered.

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