Rolls Royce is known for its style, comfort and silent operation. In 1998, the British-owned luxury vehicle company was purchased by BMW. They continue to lead the way for high-end, high-performance vehicles.

Several features set the Rolls Royce apart from the competition. The truly silent operation of the vehicle extends not only from the engine but to the opening of the roof and doors. The interior of the RR boasts an assortment of luxurious features that can not be found in other automobile lines. The leather upholstery is derived solely from male cows found in the Bavarian region while the wood detailing on the door panels is detailed, precise and kept in controlled temperatures. Cosmetically, a larger than normal size, precision painting and custom wheels brings the vision of luxury cars to life. Although the Rolls Royce is one of the most exquisite line of cars, it can experience electrical issues just as any other automobile.

Let’s look at some of those problem and discuss how to fix them.

Common Signs of Electrical Issues

Melting/Burning Smell

This is a common warning sign that your vehicle is experiencing electrical problems. When an electrical component such as a wire begins to short out, it attracts more electrical current. This leads to overheating and can begin the process of burning or melting the insulation surrounding the wire(s). If you smell burnt plastic and rubber or see smoke, your vehicle needs to be serviced immediately. The issue can be something very minor to quite severe.

Battery Cable/Terminal Corrosion

Electrical issues can cause a white or blue buildup on your car battery and cables. While minor buildup can be addressed at home with specific chemical solutions, a more serious case should be taken to professionals. They are able to not only clean the components but seal them to keep electrical buildup from reoccurring.

Electronics Not Working Properly

Vehicles today come with a number of added electronic accessories, ranging from audio systems and DVD players to GPS and backup cameras. When one or all of these features begin to malfunction or not operate, it commonly means there are electrical issues at fault. Sometimes a bad fuse may be the culprit. However, once that is replaced and the problems continue, it means there is an underlying electrical concern.

Dim/Flickering Lights

Lights that flicker or dim during operation is a huge clue that there is an electrical problem with your Rolls Royce. This could range from the interior lights, those on your dashboard and console, to the headlights and taillights. If a single light is malfunctioning, a single bulb replacement may be the answer. However, numerous lighting issues can point to a failing alternator. This is a serious issue and must be addressed quickly.

Engine Does Not Crank or Turn Over

The most problematic and significant electrical issue with your vehicle can be when the engine does not want to crank. By not turning over or taking longer than normal to do so, the engine can be suffering from a breakdown of electrical components. Again, this is a problem that should be taken care of immediately.

Other Issues That May Signal Electrical Problems

There are several other signs that your Rolls Royce is experiencing such a problem. A sputtering engine can be the result of spark plugs not receiving full electrical charge. This creates a situation where the fuel does not fully combust in the cylinders, thus causing the sputtering. Fuses that constantly blow and must be replaced is another symptom of faulty electrics. The system is actually sending too much current through the fuses.

We Will Help

Identifying electrical problems in any vehicle can be quite complex, especially in models such as the Reoll Royce Headlight Bulb Replacement Rolls Royce. Specialized equipment and precise training may be required for accurate diagnosis and repairs of such issues.

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