When you think of a Maserati, you likely associate it with Italian leather, a powerful engine, and high performance. While this is certainly true in most cases, even a vehicle as luxurious as a Maserati can encounter some issues. It is just like any other car in that parts break down or get damaged over time. One common problem that occurs in Maseratis is the malfunction of the Electronic Parking Brake (EPB.) This can be dangerous if you don’t spot the signs early. In this article, we will discuss the warning signs of electronic parking brake malfunction and why repairing the EPB in a timely manner is crucial.

What does the electronic parking brake do?

In the past, vehicles have relied on manual parking brakes to lock the rear wheels of the car from moving. Drivers can set this brake when parking on a hill or use this if they find themselves in an emergency situation needing heavy braking. The manual parking brake worked by pulling a lever that applied tension to cables connected to the rear wheels. However, with an electronic parking brake, drivers can simply push a button to perform the same function.

What are the warning signs of a failing EPB in a Maserati?

Some of the most probable symptoms that drivers may notice when it comes to a malfunctioning electronic parking brake are:

  • The brake does not engage when it should. This means that when parking on a hill, the car wheels may still begin to roll. A properly-functioning EPB will prevent the rear wheels from moving at all.
  • The EPB does not disengage when it should. If the mechanism gets stuck, the car is either stuck in place or will drive while the brake is still engaged, putting the car in dangerous conditions. If the EPB is engaged while in motion, it could cause your brakes to overheat and your Maserati to become more damaged than with a stuck EPB. You will notice that driving is difficult and that it is hard to accelerate.
  • The brake light sensor is on in your vehicle. This can be indicative of several separate issues, but you can never rule out an electronic parking brake malfunction.
  • It becomes more difficult to stop the Maserati when you need to. If the EPB has become stuck and it wears down the brake pads, you could find yourself needing longer to stop completely. This is particularly dangerous in emergency situations.
  • You smell something burning. This is another indicator that your EPB is stuck and not functioning. That smell is your brakes being worn down because the parking brake is still engaged while you drive.

What happens when the EPB malfunction goes unchecked in a Maserati?

If you do not recognize the warning signs or choose not to take your Maserati to an expert in time, your driving situation could become very dangerous. Below are some of the things that are likely to happen when EPB failure gets out of hand:

Worn brakes

Your brakes could become completely worn down, causing you to not be able to stop in time or at all. You could run through red lights and stop signs in the best-case scenarios. In the worst, you could be involved in a collision.

Inability to stop or remain motionless

Your Maserati rolls down a hill, hitting and injuring yourself and/or other people or property. If your rear wheels aren’t firmly locked into place, your car may roll and hit someone.

Damage in need of replacement

Whether it is due to a collision or the grinding of parts due to a malfunctioning EPB, you could damage your Maserati further by not taking it in for immediate repair. This leads to a higher cost to you and more downtime in an auto shop.

Where to Go for Help with your Electronic Parking Brake

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