Superior maintenance and upkeep are essential to keep your Aston Martin performing at the level expected from this technologically-superior brand. Following the proper maintenance schedule helps ensure your continued satisfaction as an owner. It can also help prevent brand-specific problems, such as spark plug failure, from becoming larger and more expensive repairs.

This article will describe some of the most common warning signs that indicate your spark plugs need replacement. We will also advise you where to go for the best service when that time comes.

Look for Common Warning Signs

To preserve the condition of your Aston Martin, it is imperative that you remain observant of how your automobile is running. Replacing failing spark plugs in a timely manner not only prevents costly damages from occurring, but it also helps ensure your Aston Martin continues to perform at the level you have come to expect.

Over time, spark plug failure will damage both the performance of your vehicle as well as the condition of your engine. Therefore, identifying the problem sooner rather than later is crucial. Some of the more common warning signs to watch for are:

Slow Acceleration

If you notice that your Aston Martin is no longer accelerating as quickly, the problem is likely located in your ignition system. A spark plug is made up of materials that work together to create a hot enough spark to ignite the fuel in your engine. Over time, these materials break down and result in cooler sparks.

These cooler sparks generate less energy, which can negatively affect how quickly your vehicle accelerates. If your Aston Martin seems more sluggish than normal, a certified mechanic will be able to tell you if a faulty spark plug could be to blame.

Decrease in Fuel Economy

When the spark plugs are functioning properly, your Aston Martin efficiently burns fuel in the combustion cycle, achieving maximum fuel economy. However, malfunctioning spark plugs can increase your fuel use by a margin of 30%. Not only is this expensive, it also shortens the time between each refill.

Sometimes, a decrease in fuel economy due to a problem with the spark plugs may be the result of the space between the spark plug electrodes being either too big or too small. In this case, the plug may still be functional and not need to be fully replaced, but simply adjusted by a specialized technician.

Noisy, Shaky Idle

One of the more apparent symptoms of a bad spark plug is a loud, shaking sensation while idling. This is an indication that your engine is misfiring. Similarly, this is one of the more common problems associated with the Aston Martin brand, and it is usually a result of one or more spark plugs beginning to fail.

It is of the utmost importance that you deal with a shaky idle quickly, because even if it seems negligible at first, this problem will only get worse over time. Left alone, shaky idling as the result of failing spark plugs can sometimes lead to a complete loss of power in your vehicle, creating potentially dangerous situations.

Difficult Ignition

If your vehicle is having trouble starting, it could very well be due to a faulty spark plug. The ignition system in your Aston Martin is complex, consisting of many different parts that all must function in perfect unison in order to function properly.

Any difficulty igniting your engine could have serious repercussions and should be addressed by a trained professional post haste.

Spark Plug Replacement Options

Once you have reason to believe that your Aston Martin is in need of new spark plugs, the obvious next step is determining how you should go about getting them replaced. As a brand, Aston Martin boasts some of the most advanced, complicated engine designs currently on the market. This makes DIY engine maintenance exceedingly difficult and potentially dangerous to the safety of both you and your vehicle. These complexities also typically result in expensive repair bills if you attempt to have the replacement conducted at a dealership.

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