The Porsche name is instantly recognizable by people all over the world. This popular car brand has had quite the following since its complicated beginnings in Germany. The company was founded in 1931, just a few years before the beginning of World War II.

This luxury vehicle has a rich history and the design concept behind the vehicle continues to inspire designers around the world. The Porsche’s sleek style and design remains at the forefront of the car industry. While the notable brand has produced luxury cars for years, it is not foolproof. Even the well-designed Porsche vehicles can be subject to issues on occasion. One issue that is common, depending on which model you may own, is with the transmission valve body.

Transmission Valve Body

The transmission valve body is a fairly important part of your vehicle that needs to function properly in order to ensure that your car is performing correctly. This important component is key to ensuring that your gear transitions work smoothly. This system works by forcing pressurized transmission fluid through a series of valves connected to the clutch packs, which are steel discs that sit between the clutch basket. Through hydraulic signals, the car is able to determine which gear the car is in.

Common Problems with Porsche

Since every model varies slightly, not every Porsche vehicle will experience the same set of issues. As their designers and engineers learn more and technology develops, Porsche is able to develop new techniques that can eliminate problems common with that particular model. While they have been able to successfully find solutions to many problems, they still are working to find the best solution for the transmission valve body.

What are the symptoms of transmission valve failure?

Any issues with your transmission valve body will affect your driving, and so needs to be addressed immediately by a professional mechanic if symptoms are presented. Luckily, these systems are fairly obvious, so if you do have an issue with your transmission valve, you will quickly be able to tell.

A good sign to tell if you might be having transmission issues is gear slippage. If you engage the clutch and notice difficulty transitioning from one gear to the next, this typically will be an issue with your transmission valve. If you notice you’re having difficulty when trying to shift gears, it is important to get this looked at, being that it is a vital component to your vehicle and could cause serious damage to the clutch if left unattended.

Hesitation when shifting gears is another symptom of a valve issue. Since your vehicle should have a smooth transition between gears, if you notice that it abruptly switches gears or that there’s a slight hesitation, it could be a result of a transmission valve issue. Lastly, another problem that will present itself will be a clanking,or knocking sound when applying brake pressure or putting your car in reverse.

If you notice any of these issues, it is important to make sure you visit a professional auto repair shop which is experienced with Porsche vehicles to be able to determine if the issue is related to the transmission valve body, or if it is another issue.

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