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Audi is a manufacturer of luxury cars and is located in Germany. The vehicles that they make are designed, engineered, manufactured and then distributed by them. Though this is a worldwide operated company, the headquarters are located in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. There are a total of 9 Audi production facilities throughout the world.

Since 1966. Audi has been a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. The name Audi comes from the last name of the company founder. His name was August Horch which in German means listen. When Horch is translated to Latin, in becomes Audi.

The Audi logo is made from 4 joined rings. Those rings are representative of the 4 separate car companies that merged to create the predecessor of Audi…Auto Union.

The slogan of Audi is Advancement through technology. That said, the slogan for Audi in the US is Truth in Engineering. Audi is one of the Big 3 in terms of German made luxury cars and shares that designation with Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Not only are they the best-selling luxury car makers in Germany, but they also hold that distinction for the entire world.

Current Models

Audi has quite a few different models that are currently offered. Here is a short list of them and the models that they are available in. Supermini comes as a sport back which is a basically a 5 door hatchback as well as a 3 door hatchback. This is the A1.

  • Small family cars come as a Cabriolet, a sport back, a salon (sedan in America) and a 3 door hatchback. This is the A3
  • The Compact executive cars made by Audi come as an Allroad which is a crossover estate or wagon, and Avant (also an estate/wagon) and a saloon. This is the A4
  • A different type of compact executive car comes as a convertible (cabriolet), a sport back and a coupe. This is the A5
  • The first type of executive car is available as an Allroad, an Avant and a saloon while a second type of executive car is available as a Sport back. The first one if the A6 and the second is the A7
  • They also have a class for a luxury car that is a sedan. This is the A8.
  • The TT is a compact sports car that comes as a convertible roadster or a coupe.R8 is a sports car that is available as a Spyder convertible or as a coupe
  • Moving to the Q3, this is a compact crossover SUV as is the Q5.
  • For those who prefer a full-sixe SUV, the Q7 is the one you need.

There are also many more models in the S and RS categories. The range of vehicles made by Audi is extensive enough that everyone should be able to find something they like.

Audi Service and Repair

As experts in high end and exotic cars, our technicians are right at home when servicing Audis. With decades of experience with Audis, the MDM technicians are experienced in handling Audi brake jobs, oil changes, factory recommended services, diagnostics, performance upgrades, transmission work and more. No matter what features your Audi has (4-wheel anti-lock brakes, manual vs automatic transmission with overdrive, seat mounted air bags, etc) our Audi mechanics will keep your Audi running like new. Don’t overspend by going to the local Audi dealer and paying extra, our Audi technicians are second to none. Familiar will all features of the Audi, there is no job we can’t handle.

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