BMW Brake Repair & Service

Any car with the high-performance qualities of a BMW needs a set of brakes that are a good match for that performance. The brakes on your BMW, however, wear out just like any other set of brakes…and just like with any other vehicle, the more you procrastinate on brake repair, the more expensive it’s likely to get

Mark Douglas Motorworks stocks factory OEM-quality brake replacement parts for BMW, including:

  • Pads, rotors and calipers
  • High-performance brake lines (including braided steel)
  • Brake accumulators
  • ABS sensors, pumps and valves
  • Proportioning valves
  • Hydraulics and reservoirs
  • Power brake boosters
  • Master cylinders

With BMWs or any other vehicle, it’s always a good idea to visually inspect your brakes several times a year to spot any impending problems. Things to be on the lookout for include:

  • Rust, uneven wear or defects on pads or rotors
  • Thin, excessively-worn or cracked brake pads
  • Any brake fluid leaks around the wheel cylinders, calipers, hoses or fittings

These are all signs of trouble to watch for:

  • Excessively noisy brakes, particularly a metallic grinding sound or squeal
  • Pronounced pull to one side while applying brakes
  • Tendency for any wheel to lock up prematurely and skid
  • Pulsating sensation that can be felt through the brake pedal, a sign of a warped rotor
  • “Soft” brake pedal, or excessive brake pedal travel
  • Brakes tend to fade after multiple hard stops
  • Brakes won’t work properly unless brake pedal is “pumped up”
  • Brake pedal goes to floor while idling in gear

Your BMW needs regular maintenance to stay in good tune and good running condition. Few things are more crucial to your safety, of course, than your brakes. That’s why it’s always a good idea to stay ahead of potential brake problems before they have a chance to get any worse. Our ASE-certified technicians at Mark Douglas Motorworks are ready to give your BMW a brake checkup or service; just make an appointment.

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