BMW Clutch Replacement – Mission Viejo, CA

While the clutch in a manual transmission-equipped BMW is a heavy-duty assembly that’s designed for the rigors of high-performance driving, clutch replacement is one of the most difficult and complex jobs for a technician. Before opting for clutch replacement, the first step is to make sure that it actually needs to be replaced.

These are all trouble signs:

  • Excessive free play before clutch engages – won’t engage until clutch pedal is let almost completely out
  • “Spongy” or soft clutch pedal without enough resistance
  • Clutch slips when pedal is not depressed
  • Metallic whirring, ringing or grinding sound that could be a sign of the pilot bearing or throwout bearing beginning to fail
  • Burning smell from under the hood

With hard use, a BMW clutch may begin to slip or need adjustment at 40,000 miles or so, due to the friction surfaces wearing down, or oil contamination. The good news is that in many cases, it’s cheaper to replace the clutch in a BMW than in many Toyota models. The final cost, however, is dependent on a number of factors. Here are some things to consider in BMW clutch replacement costs:

  • Parts, including performance level of aftermarket or OEM parts used
  • Labor costs (shop rate)
  • Time involved in repair job – the clutch replacement is also a labor- and time-intensive job, depending on the model

The clutch in your BMW should be smooth, without too stiff or too light a feel, and chances are when it doesn’t feel right, you’ll know it. If the clutch in your BMW is showing signs of trouble, don’t put it off. Make an appointment with Mark Davis Motorworks and let our trained and experienced techs have a look. You can be confident of a job that’s done right, using OEM-quality parts, and complete satisfaction for your BMW clutch replacement.

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