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Motor oil is crucial to an internal combustion engine. The film of lubrication that motor oil provides reduces friction and wear, and helps reduce heat. The internal combustion process, though, produces acids, carbon and other chemicals as byproducts. In addition, tiny particles of metal are sheared off due to normal wear. All these contaminants end up in the motor oil, where they are suspended and trapped in the paper element of the oil filter as they circulate through the engine. In time, though, the oil filter becomes saturated and the carbon and other debris will start to accumulate around bearings and valvetrain parts. These sludgy buildups will inevitably shorten engine life.

A high-performance, high-RPM, precisely-engineered BMW engine requires a motor oil that’s up to the job. While older BMW engines were fine with mineral-based motor oils, newer BMWs are designed for the extra protection that synthetic motor oil provides.

Why Is Synthetic Motor Oil Better?

Even the best mineral-based motor oil contains paraffins and other contaminants that are residual after the refining process. Synthetic oils are produced under such a controlled process that they are virtually contaminant-free. At the molecular level, that means that synthetics are more stable and less prone to breakdown or shearing under close tolerances.

Synthetic motor oils are also much less prone to thinning out at high temperatures, or becoming more viscous on very cold days. That makes them a better year-round choice for BMWs. While synthetic motor oils are more expensive (often about twice as much per quart) than conventional oils, they have been proven in testing to perform better across-the-board. They also do a better job of keeping the engine clean, with detergents and other additives that reduce carbon buildup. As a result, synthetic motor oils can go about twice as long between oil changes.

Just like with any other car, frequent oil changes are the key to long engine life. Whether you’re driving a vintage BMW or a newer model, we’ve got your oil change needs covered at Mark Davis Motorworks. What does your odometer read? If it’s time for an oil change for your BMW, make an appointment with us!

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