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Some have defined the internal combustion engine as “a complex machine that produces never quite enough power.” For some BMW drivers, that’s certainly true. Bear in mind that internal combustion happens with air, fuel and spark – and enhancing any of those three can be enough to get a BMW down the road quicker. That could mean anything including exhaust upgrades, performance chips for the ECU computer, intercoolers for a turbo, less-restrictive air filters, cold air induction or any number of other strategies for high performance. Some are truly bolt-on performance parts, while others might require more extensive modifications.

Along with go-fast parts, there are any of number of options to refine the BMW suspension for even tighter handling, steering response and cornering ability. Some of those modifications might represent a real tradeoff in terms of ride quality vs. handling, but it’s up to you, the driver. It’s your car!

While you’re contemplating performance mods for your BMW, it’s important to remember that many performance-tuning mods can be installed without negatively affecting your factory warranty.

At Mark Davis Motorworks, we have a real passion for BMWs. It shows in our techs’ dedication to squeezing a little more performance out of every BMW that comes to the market. We know that for BMW owners, their cars are more than just ways to get from point A to point B. We respect the long, distinguished history that the marque represents and how BMWs generate a real sense of passion in their owners.

Our trained and experienced ASE-certified techs are ready to help you get the absolute most out of your BMW, with either OEM performance parts or high-performance packages from leading aftermarket companies. The sky’s the limit – what do you have in mind for your BMW? Make an appointment with us and let us enhance your car to the level you’re looking for.

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