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Every car is different and as such, each make, model and year vehicle may require different things to be done in order to repair the clutch. This is a job that consists of many small jobs. If you need to replace the clutch completely then you will need to first remove the old clutch and then both insert AND install the new clutch correctly.

If you are in need of a clutch repair or replacement, it can be helpful to have an idea of what the cost will be. While there isn’t a set standard for the price of clutch repair, here are estimates that MDM professionals can provide you with. The estimate will be based in the type of clutch that you will be replacing or repairing, what repairs need to be completed as well as the cost for labor. Average costs for a clutch repair can be as much as $3000 or as little as $500. It depends entirely on the factors involved.

Front wheel drive vehicles will normally be more expensive to repair the clutch in than those that are rear wheel drive. This is simply because the clutches in front wheel drive vehicles are typically more labor intensive as well as more complicated to repair.

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Repairing or replacing a clutch can be a tricky job. It requires a lot of knowledge and to be completed correctly may take hours. It is highly recommended that if you need this service, you get it done by a Master Mechanic such as Mark Dodge. Just a few wrong moves can make the problem worse instead of correcting it.

What does the cost for clutch repair include?

This cost will actually include several services.

  • Checking for leaks between the transmission and engine and repairing any that are found
  • Replacement of the throw out bearing if necessary
  • Either replacement or resurfacing of the flywheel. If this is not done then it can lead to
  • vibrations whenever the clutch is engaged
  • Replacement of worn pressure plates if necessary
  • Replacement of the clutch disc. In general, this is the first component of a clutch that will need replacing
  • Inspection of the throw out bearing, pressure plate, pilot bearing, fly wheel and clutch disc

If your specific vehicle has a hydraulic clutch system then you can expect the cost of clutch repair to be considerably higher. Especially if this system contains both a master cylinder and a slave.

No matter what type of vehicle you have, the professionals at MDM will be more than happy to take a look at your clutch and give you an estimate. All parts used will be OEM parts and as such any services performed will come with a 12 month or 12,000 mile guarantee.

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