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Getting a complete vehicle diagnostic done on your car can reveal a wealth of knowledge regarding how different systems are working in your car. These systems include the exhaust system, gas tank, oil tank, transmission and more. Today’s vehicles are equipped with computer processors, sensors and microchips that can be linked to a vehicle diagnostic computer or machine and can pinpoint any problems that may exist. While there are handheld scanning machines that you can use at home for this, it is better to have this service performed at a licensed vehicle repair facility. Not only are the technicians better able to read and interpret the codes, they also know what to look for visually in the vehicle.

MDM is proud to provide top-quality Complete vehicle Diagnostics and Services for:

What does a vehicle diagnostic check for?

This type of diagnostic test can tell you:

  • Throttle opening
  • Crankshaft position
  • Camshaft position
  • Coolant and air temperature
  • Rpm levels for the engine
  • Whether or not all of the ignition coils are firing and which one, if any is having issues
  • Fuel injector performance
  • The level of any existing buildup that may be in the combustion engine
  • Ignition timing issues
  • And much more

Once the diagnostics are complete, the machine or computer that the car is hooked up to will tag each of the data points and reveal anything that needs to receive attention. The machine or computer then stores this information and lets the technician know where the problem is.


Tools are used in every profession as something that enables us to get our jobs done in a faster and more efficient way. The auto scan diagnostic machines, devices and computers are tools that are important in the vehicle repair industry.

So, how does this benefit you?

When a repair shop such as MDM uses the diagnostic tools, it saves then time in finding out what the exact issues are with your vehicle. Not only does this make the repair time faster but it also saves you money on labor time.

Anytime your check engine light comes on, you really should swing by MDM and have a diagnostic run. With this diagnostic, you can find out what the problem is and get it taken care of by properly trained professionals quickly. Most of the time the diagnostic test itself is able to be completed in less than an hour. This time can vary though depending on the type of diagnostics that are run. A simple code read can take only a few minutes while a live data reading will take as long as is necessary to complete the reading.

The professionals at MDM will be able to run a complete vehicle diagnostic on your car and then tell you exactly what should be done to fix it.

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