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Vehicles are complicated pieces of machinery that rely on thousands of pieces that all work together in order to not just get started but also to keep running. Like everything else in life, these parts, pieces, components can wear out over time from old age or overuse. They can also just simply break. When this happens, your car will not run properly and may not even start at all.

One of the critical systems in your car, truck or SUV is the electrical system. This system is made up of dozens of components. Each one of these parts is vital to ensuring that many parts of your car work properly. This includes things like turn signals, dash lights, radio, power windows and even the engine.

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At some point in time, everyone will get in their car only to find that it won’t start. Most of the time this is caused by a dead battery. Dead batteries happen for myriad reasons. Most commonly, a battery will die when you get out of the car and forget to turn the dome light or headlights off. Newer batteries can take a beating like that but older ones just can’t stand up to the challenge. The fastest way to fix this is by jump starting it with the use of another vehicle and jumper cables. However, the battery might not be the problem.

The alternator is what is used to change the mechanical energy in a vehicle to the electrical energy that powers many components. As far as the relationship between the alternator and battery – the alternator is the component that is responsible for maintaining the battery charge. If for some reason you notice that your car battery doesn’t stay charged like it should then the issue could be with the alternator.

Once you have checked the battery and alternator and you still can’t successfully start your vehicle then it could be the starter that has a problem. The starter is basically a small motor that controls the internal combustion in the engine. Those are the three main reasons for electrical system failure but it could also be anything from a dead ignition switch to blown fuses or loose wires or many other things. Your vehicle’s circuitry is quite complex and before you run out and waste money on things like a new starter, alternator or battery, you should always get your car checked out by a licensed professional such as those here at Mark Dodge. Our professionals can run diagnostics on the whole electrical system of your ride to find out just what the issue is and then get it fixed quickly and correctly.

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