Fuel system services will give your car some excellent benefits and may even save you some money at the pump. From maximizing your fuel efficiency to emissions that are reduced, having a clean fuel system can improve your drivability and restore performance.

There are many different things that can be done when it comes to servicing a fuel system. At least one of these can be done at home even by those who don’t know the difference between a tail pipe and an air filter. That service is simply adding fuel injector cleaner to the gas tank. This type of cleaner is sold in many gas stations, big box stores and auto parts houses and is really inexpensive. This can help eliminate that little jump you get when your fuel system is dirty and it can improve your mileage.

MDM is proud to provide top-quality Fuel System Service for:

Beyond that, it is best to come on down to Mark Dodge and let our professionals handle it from there. With the fuel services that we offer, you can restore your performance and miles per gallon, reduce the amount of emissions for your vehicle, improve the drivability and get rid of those annoying knocks and pings.

Some of the services that we perform include things like:

  • Concentrated fuel injector cleaner that has been designed to produce amazing results
  • Fuel lines can be visually inspected
  • Rough idle and engine hesitation can be reduced or eliminated
  • Hard starts, pings and knocks will be eliminated
  • System cleaning for fuel induction
  • Fuel system cleaner that is in tank

If all of those things are not enough to correct the problem, there are still other options. Fuel injectors can get a buildup of carbon and this carbon can actually get into the combustion chambers and valves causing even more problems. Getting rid of this carbon buildup is best left to professionals such as the ones here at Mark Dodge.

Our team of specialists can perform injector throttle body service which will include both adjusting and cleaning the throttle components. Doing this will lead to both an acceleration and an idle that is smooth.

Anytime you feel that your ride just isn’t running right, it is best to get it checked out before the problems get out of control. Fixing them as they first appear can save you a lot of money as opposed to letting the issues continue to worsen.

The professionals here at Mark Dodge can make sure that your car is ready to go and that it will give you the performance that you used to have and though was gone for good. In other words, to get your ride running like it was new again, come on down to Mark Dodge today.

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