Any mechanical failure in a vehicle can be a bad thing. For suspension issues, a number of unwanted and potentially fatal consequences are more than enough reason to get it checked out as soon as it is suspected as being a problem. Learning about suspension issues, why they are dangerous, and how to fix them are extremely important to staying safe on the road.

For luxury cars such as Bentley, the need for perfect handling and comfortable rides are important. Optimizing certain parameters and maximizing suspension balance may be the missing key to the ride of your dreams. Here are a few tips about suspension issues that will help you enjoy your next ride.

What are suspension issues?

Suspension, in general, refers to the act of holding another object up. For vehicles, this pertains to the act of supporting the vehicle’s weight, typically through the use of wheels. When the wheels have even the slightest imbalance, this may result in one of the many forms of suspension issues. These include but are not limited to pulling to either side when attempting to drive straight, extreme bumping, flat tire, and leaning.

However, problems in other parts may also contribute to suspension issues. For example, the issue may be caused by malfunctioning shocks or springs, which act to reduce the effects of vibration throughout the car. Whatever the source of the problem is, understanding the side effects of suspension issues may be the answer to identifying and fixing them.

Problems Associated with Suspension Issues

Suspension issues usually result in consequences regarding the handling of the affected vehicle. Perhaps the most noticeable of these is pulling to either the left or right when the steering wheel is clearly pointed straight. This occurs because there is a fundamental imbalance in the tires. This may be the result of a pressure difference, tread wear difference due to turning, or alignment issues during installment.

Extreme bumping is usually the result of damaged shocks and springs or tires with too much pressure. The purpose of shock absorbers is to absorb the shock that is the result of counterforces of the car with the road, and when they fail, the ride can feel very bouncy and uncomfortable. When the tires have too much pressure, they also bounce back against every bump in the road and therefore are unable to absorb shock in a similar way.

Sometimes, a flat tire results in leaning towards one corner of the car or forwards or backwards. Not only does a flat tire cause the car ride to feel awkward, it results in increased damage to the tire and may even damage the wheel and cause axle alignment problems. Clearly, getting these problems dealt with as soon as possible will help with making the ride more enjoyable as well as reduce the risk for further issues.

Dealing with Suspension Issues

In general, any imbalance in the pressure or condition of the tires will result in suspension issues. So, it is recommended to get the entire set of tires replaced together instead of only one at a time. Also, ensuring that the pressure of the tires is equal will minimize the extent of suspension imbalances originating from the tires.

Next, paying special attention to the installation of the tires may minimize the suspension issues coming from improper alignment. This can be done by ensuring that each bolt is tightened with roughly the same amount of pressure after the tire has been mounted accurately. Since many of these procedures are quite difficult and require a high level of expertise, it is recommended to consult professional advice when available.

The Solution to Suspension Issues

When ignored, even the slightest suspension Bentley Suspension Issues Fix issues may result in many other serious problems and therefore should be addressed as soon as possible. If you think your vehicle may be experiencing suspension issues and need a professional consultation, visit Mark Douglas Motorworks in California. As we are convenient to many areas, including Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Laguna Hills, and Laguna Nigel, professional service is just a short drive away! Stop by for a consultation or call us for your suspension problems.

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