Aston Martin is one of the most sought-after luxury cars due to its high-end performance and advanced features. However, just like all cars, the spark plugs are susceptible to issues that affect the way they function. If you want a smooth driving car, these will need to be replaced at the first sign of failure. Read more below about certain signs like starting issues and a misfiring engine that exhibit the need to replace the spark plugs.

Signs of Failing Spark Plugs

Starting Issues

The most prominent signs associated with failing spark plugs are starting issues. Generally, when the spark plugs are functioning normally, you’ll have a smooth starting process without any fuss. However, a faulty spark plug under your hood causes immense problems. If you have trouble starting your vehicle after it has been sitting idle for a few hours, then that indicates that there is something wrong with the functioning of the spark plugs. Usually it’s cause they’ve worn-out or were bad to begin with.

Deteriorating Fuel Mileage

Like other vehicles on the road, your Aston Martin has fixed miles per gallon while driving in the city and on highways. While minor fluctuations shouldn’t cause concern, a massively deteriorating fuel mileage should be acknowledged. According to many certified mechanics, a malfunctioning spark plug can drastically reduce the fuel mileage of your Aston Martin by up to 30% — a wasteful and costly consequence of damaged plugs.

Misfiring Engine

It is often noticed that issues with spark plug functioning takes a toll on the engine’s performance. When you drive with a bad part, you face issues. The improper motor combustion caused by the faulty spark plug is the root cause behind the misfiring engine. This problem can be caused by a host of other factors in your car since it’s responsible for igniting the air-to-fuel mixture in the cylinders of your Aston Martin. When in doubt, get it checked out!

Unusual Sounds

If you’re experiencing faulty spark plugs, you’ll also notice unusual noises while driving. The most common sound that hear is a knocking sound coming from under the hood. This noise needs to be addressed immediately to prevent it from causing permanent damage. Get in touch with our Aston Martin experts to diagnose the cause and implement repair procedures.

Check Engine Light

The warning lights located on the dashboard signal the moment there is something wrong with your car. If the spark plugs stop working, you’ll see the check engine light become illuminated. Since it flashes for various reasons, it’s best to allow a qualified mechanic to diagnose & fix the issue themselves.

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