Jaguar Repair

Reasons Behind Failure of Convertible Top in Jaguar

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Drivers look for comfort, quality, and luxury in their cars—especially Jaguar drivers. Jaguars are known for these characteristics, but provide drivers with an even more exceptional driving experience due to their high-end performance standards. California weather is perfect for those long drives down the coast, where you can put the top down and enjoy the […]

Ferrari Repair

Fuel System Malfunctions in Ferrari

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Fuel system malfunctions are common in all cars over time; however, in Ferraris the difference in performance is noticeable and concerning. In this article we’ll go over the different parts of the fuel system and what you can do to best maintain them to avoid common malfunctions. What parts are included in the Fuel System, […]

Car Fluid

Problems That Arise Due to Metal Shavings in Oil

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Many drivers often overlook the critical maintenance procedures that every car requires in order to perform optimally. Replacing and/or rotating worn out tires, changing air filters, and wheel alignments are a few of the more basic maintenance tasks that contribute significantly to your vehicle’s ongoing health and function. Another essential maintenance procedure that should be […]

Land Rover Repair

Signs of Parking Brake Failure in Land Rover

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Land Rovers are tough vehicles, built for endurance and durability under especially strenuous road conditions. They’re designed to be able to undergo and withstand excessive suspension strain and maintain functionality under rough circumstances. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that they’re immune to more mundane issues occurring, such as parking brake failure. When we say that parking […]