Buying a new Maserati is an amazing experience. These classy cars have become a symbol of beauty, power, and luxury. However, the choice of a new Maserati should be taken with caution to make sure you are making the right choice. The following are five common mistakes that you should avoid while buying a new Maserati.

Not Doing Enough Research

One of the blunders you can make while purchasing a new Maserati is not doing comprehensive research. You should know that every Maserati comes with different characteristics, distinguishing features, specified performance, and, of course, different price ranges. To get yourself informed about these vehicles, you need to familiarize yourself with their differences in terms of performance, comfort, and cost. Analyze the comments and reviews of other Maserati owners and experts that you find online. These reviews are the most important as they can help a potential buyer in many ways by identifying the car’s reliability, performance, and any common problems.

There are plenty of videos available for interested enthusiasts online which feature various Maserati models. Make a spec comparison for the models you’re considering. Look at items like the engine power, fuel efficiency, interior components, and safety ratings to make a choice that will meet the requirements that you need.

Not Test Driving the Car

Another mistake among new Maserati buyers is not test-driving the car properly. A test drive should be done since it is the only way to feel how the car drives, how comfortable it is, and what features it is equipped with. It will allow you to determine if any problems exist so you can purchase the right car. Call your nearest Maserati dealer to arrange a test drive date.

Be certain that you set aside enough time to give the car a detailed evaluation. Keenly monitor how the car runs, accelerates, and stops. This will acquaint you with the general behavior of the car in comparison to your driving style. See if the seats are comfortable and whether you can easily adjust them. Ensure that you get that support and comfort you need. When driving, pay attention to any unfamiliar sounds that could suggest a problem with the engine, brakes, or suspension.

Ignoring the Total Cost of Ownership

It’s tempting to get swept up in the excitement and focus only on the price tag when acquiring a luxury car like Maserati. However, the total cost of ownership is not just the initial price but also a number of other ongoing expenses. Insurance premiums for luxury cars usually tend to be higher.

Before purchasing the car, ask for insurance quotes to know how much your insurance will cost so that you will be spared any unexpected situations later. Maseratis are high-performance cars that need special maintenance so you need to check the recommended maintenance schedule for the model you are interested in and learn how much the typical services and repairs might cost. Routine maintenance is critical to keep your car in good condition and may cost more compared to non-luxury cars.

Overlooking Financing Options

The next blunder to avoid when you are buying a brand new Maserati is not utilizing all the financing options available. Many times dealerships provide loans, but they may not be the best option for you. Shop about to get the best interest rates and loan terms. Compare different lenders’ offers, ranging from banks and credit unions to online providers.

Ignoring Resale Value

Even though you are thinking of having your Maserati for many years, it is beneficial to have a look at its resale value. Quality models are known to hold their value better than some models. Neglecting the resale value of your car may lead to a bigger financial loss when it comes to the time of selling or trading in.

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