Ferrari is synonymous with speed and aerodynamic design. The world of luxury sports cars is dominated by few brands and Ferrari is one such brand. However, the joy of driving a Ferrari can be short-lived if you start encountering brake issues in your high-end car.

There are several factors that can affect the optimal functioning of the brakes in your Ferrari and it needs to be fixed right away. Here in this article, we will discuss the tips for handling any brake issues in your Ferrari so that you can continue enjoying your vehicle at the highest possible level.

Inspect The Brake Fluid Levels

The brake fluid is one of the most important fluids in your Ferrari as it helps in the optimal functioning of the brakes without any fuss. The brake fluid is responsible for transmitting the force from the brake pedal to the brake pads which helps your luxury car stop the moment you press the brake pedal.

Moreover, most of the time issues with the functioning of the brakes in Ferrari are traced to the presence of inadequate brake fluid levels. Now, low levels of brake fluid in your Ferrari is definitely going to cause problems in the functioning of the brakes.

That is why many Ferrari specialists always recommend that regularly inspecting and topping the brake fluid in your high-end car can prevent a host of issues in your brakes including the spongy brake pedal and the presence of air in the brake lines.

Besides that, you must always stick to the recommended brake fluid for your Ferrari as per the owner’s manual of the car and must desist from using some after-market brake fluid which can cause the brakes to malfunction.

Keep an Eye on Brake Pads & Rotors

There are certain important components in your braking system and you need to keep a tab on their functioning because they are prone to issues. The brake pads come at the top of the list of components that you need to keep an eye on because due to the nature of its functioning, the brake pads might wear out eventually & need to be replaced.

Apart from the brake pads in your Ferrari, you must also keep a tab on the brake rotors because if you have been driving your luxury car for a long time without replacing the worn-out brake pads, then chances are that your brake rotors have also sustained damages.

Now, you must regularly look out for cracks, uneven wear & tear, and vigorous thinning of the brake pads which are indications that they need to be replaced. In addition to that, if you notice that the rotors have developed deep grooves or warping then the rotors should also be replaced with new ones.

Furthermore, you must refer to your owner’s manual when it comes to replacing the brake pads or rotors because going for after-market parts is going to cause more damage to the braking components of your luxury car.

Supervise Your Brake Performance

Generally, in high-end cars like Ferrari, the brakes are very advanced and it not only helps in stopping your car when you press the brake pedal but also assists in optimal handling of the vehicle. That is why if you notice any changes in the functioning of the brakes in your car, however, small it might be, you should never ignore it.

Most often people feel a spongy brake pedal under their foot and this is an indication that there is the presence of air in the brake lines. Apart from that you might encounter unusual noise coming from your car when you press the brake pedal.

Tackling Brake Warning Light

There are numerous warning lights located on the dashboard of your Ferrari that illuminate whenever the specific part they are meant for fails. The brake warning light also forms part of these warning lights and whenever there is something wrong with the braking system of your high-end car it flashes on the dashboard.

Now, some drivers have this habit of ignoring the illumination of the brake warning light which is a serious mistake as the underlying issues if not addressed immediately can lead to the complete failure of the brakes in your Ferrari.


The above-discussed factors are some of the Ferrari Brake Pad Replacement important tips that you need to follow when looking after the brakes of your Ferrari. Whenever you encounter any kind of issues with the functioning of the brakes in your Ferrari, then get in touch with a certified mechanic to fix your car immediately.

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