Owning a car comes with maintenance responsibilities. If you own a Bentley, you can attest that they are one of the best cars created in terms of aesthetics, comfort, style, and longevity. Another feature that sets Bentley cars apart is their unique and outstanding performance on the road. For these reasons, they also require quality maintenance to match their level of sophistication.

If your Bentley model is not properly maintained through routine maintenance and care, it could experience some issues, including electrical problems.

Failing Starter

When you engage your vehicle’s ignition, the starter draws charge from the battery to power your engine. Faulty electrical connections, failing solenoid switch, or damaged electric motor could result in the failure of the starter. Once the starter breaks down due to either of these reasons, you will have difficulty starting your engine even with a fully charged battery.

Repeated Fuse Blowout

The fuse box prevents short circuits and excess voltage from damaging your vehicle’s electrical system. Whenever there is a high voltage from the battery or alternator, the fuse protects the electrical systems by breaking the circuit. Having a blown fuse that needs replacing is not unusual. However, if it becomes a recurring occurrence, then there is an electrical issue that is blowing the fuse repeatedly. You want to contact a professional to help trace the issue and make appropriate repairs.

Suspension Issues

Your Bentley uses an air suspension system to deliver a smooth driving experience. The system is controlled by a compressor that continuously pumps air into flexible bellows that look like rubber balloons.

When there is an issue with the compressor, it impacts the transfer of air to the suspension as needed. You may notice that one side of your car is lower than the other and driving would get bumpier. Your tires will also wear down faster causing you to need replacement earlier than usual.

Faulty alternators

The alternator is the major source of electricity in your Bentley. It helps to keep the battery recharged at all times and power all electrical components while the engine is running. When your alternator fails, you may notice that your battery is not charging and may have issues with other electrical components.

Most times, this problem triggers the check engine or battery warning light. When you notice these signs, it could be as a result of a failing alternator or some other problem. It is best to bring your Bentley to an experienced mechanic for proper diagnosis and needed repairs.

Failing spark plugs

The spark plugs are responsible for supplying the spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture. Once the spark plug creates the spark, it creates an explosion which produces engine power. However, the unending vibration from the engine could loosen the electrical connection to the spark plug. When this happens, it increases the voltage required to fire the spark plug. The downside to this is that it could destroy the ignition coil and the spark plug wires.

Failing Headlights and other lights

An issue with your Bentley’s electrical system could cause your lights, including rear lights, to become dimmer. In extreme cases, the light may totally fail to work. This can result from a blown bulb, a dying battery, a failed alternator, or loose wires.

Whenever you have an electrical issue, it is best to consult a professional for a proper diagnosis to trace the root of the issue.

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