Aston Martin vehicles hold a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts and drivers all over the world because of their attention to detail, luxury, and sports-like performance—not to mention their extensive past in the history of automobile manufacturing. The epitome of a grand vehicle, Aston Martins are cars that most of us can only wish to set foot in someday. Despite how wondrous and spectacular these cars are, they still encounter some of the same issues that many other drivers tend to experience in relatively average vehicles.

Depending on how much you drive your Aston Martin, you might need more frequent services performed in order to extend its longevity, retain its value, and ensure its consistent performance level. One of the issues that Aston Martin drivers can run into is a brake system problem. While the parts used to manufacture Aston Martin brakes are especially good quality, it is inevitable that they will eventually need to be replaced or serviced. In this article, we’ll talk about why brake issues are so pressing, the common symptoms of braking system issues, and what you can do to address the problem.

Why You Should Attend to Brake Issues Immediately

It might go without saying, but your brakes are one of the biggest safety features in your Aston Martin. The braking system is well designed, but when issues come up they must be addressed immediately, primarily in order to ensure your safety. Furthermore, the longer brake issues go unaddressed the more severe the problem can become. For instance, worn out brake pads can lead to damaged rotors, calipers, and brake discs if not replaced soon after symptoms arise.

The Most Common Signs of Braking System Issues

Aston Martins are such well-performing vehicles that it’s rather easy to spot when their performance is not up to standards or when something doesn’t quite feel right. As previously mentioned, its critical to be able to spot braking system issues and attend to them quickly in order to prevent other repairs from accumulating and eventually risking the safety of your car. Here are the most common signs of braking system issues that you should know about:

Concerning Noises or Smells While Driving

Have you ever rolled to a stop and noticed a squealing, screeching, or grinding noise coming from your brakes? It’s likely that concerned you, and rightfully so. Squealing and screeching is usually related to worn brake pads, and grinding noises are usually due to brake fluid loss or grating rotors.

Illuminated Anti-Lock Brake Light in Dashboard

Your Aston Martin has several safety mechanisms in place to warn you when a problem is arising that’s affecting your performance or compromising your safety. Your anti-lock brake light in your dashboard is one of these warning signals. It’s best to bring your car right to an Aston Martin specialist if you encounter this symptom.

Unsteadiness or Intense Vibration

When you apply the brake and notice that your steering wheel begins to vibrate intensely or feel unstable, then the problem could be related to the placement of the brake rotors. Over time, rotors can become “off-track” making your brakes less effective.

Brake Fluid Leaks

Your brake fluid’s main function is to supply pressure to the brake hydraulics. When your Aston Martin’s brake pedal becomes less responsive, it is sometimes due to leaking brake fluid. This is concerning, as without brake fluid, your brakes won’t function properly and could cause your car to be dangerous to drive.

How We Can Help You

Classical Aston Martin Head Light The Aston Martin specialists here at Mark Douglas Motorworks have serviced and repaired these luxury vehicles for clients all over the Orange County area, including cities like: Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Laguna Hills, and Laguna Nigel, CA. Brake issues are not foreign to us, or to Aston Martin vehicles for that matter; therefore, our expertly-trained technicians have brake servicing and repair down to a science. We are sure to perform thorough differential diagnoses with every client’s vehicle to first rule-out the potential causes of the issue and then provide the most efficient, accurate treatment method. Our mission and focus is to provide clients with highest-skill repairs at a lower price than nearby dealerships. If you’d like to schedule a brake inspection or would simply like to inquire about our expertise working with Aston Martins, please call one of our helpful professionals today.

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