How much does a Ferrari Cost?

How much does a Ferrari Cost?

Let’s face it…Ferraris are sexy, desirable cars. Do you think you can get the admission price together for one? Let’s break it down a little:

Q: How much does a new Ferrari cost?

A: Hope you’ve either got cash on hand or a top-shelf credit rating. The cheapest you can go is with a Ferrari California, which comes with the 460 hp 4.3L V8. The California tips the scales at $192k. From there, things only go up…until you get all the way to the super-exotic Ferrari LaFerrari, with an MSRP of $1,416,362…and a 6.3L V12 that lays down 949 hp.

Q: How much is a Ferrari Enzo?

A: You’ll be shooting a bit high on this one as well. Only 399 Enzos were produced – the going rate seems to be about $1.8 million for a used one.

Q: How much is a Ferrari 458?

A: This one’s a little more friendly on the wallet – at $243,090, it’s about what you’d expect to pay for a nicely tricked-out McMansion. The mid-engined 458 is decked out with a 562 hp V8, dual clutches and a seven-speed transmission…if that’s not enough to get your blood going, the 458 Speciale A is tuned for 497 hp.

Q: How much does a Ferrari F430 cost?

A: You might find this a little more realistic…a quick search finds a 2006 F430 Spider at $130k, and an 05 model F430 convertible at $110k. You’re still well into the six figure range, but you’ll know if you can afford that or not…

So, if you’re wondering where to buy a Ferrari…there are plenty of dealers and individuals out there who have used Ferraris they want to part with, for the right price and the right buyer. As for “how to buy a Ferrari,” that’s all going to depend on your bank account and credit. Just remember that Ferraris of any vintage come with a heck of a lot of cachet. They’re limited-production vehicles with a great deal of hand workmanship involved, and if you find one at a price that seems too good to be true…this is one instance where you’d definitely be correct.

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