Owning a Ferrari is joy and a status symbol. It is a dream for many car enthusiasts. They are an investment that requires a lot of attention and preventative maintenance. If they are maintained properly, Ferraris hold their retail value. One thing that needs to be dealt with in the Ferrari F430 & 360 is the engine mounts.

What are engine mounts?

The engine mounts hold the engine in place. There are usually four engine mounts. They serve a dual purpose. They keep the engine secure and reduce vibrations. They help to deliver a quiet and comfortable ride.

After about 10 years, the Ferrari F430 and 360 are known to have issues with the engine mounts. The mounts disintegrate and fall. This is because the rubber that is used decays, making the mounts useless. When they fail the engine can become loose.

What Causes the Engine Mounts to Fail?

The engine mounts in your Ferrari can fail due to several reasons. These include:

  • Age: Over time, the rubber used in the motor mount can degrade and fail.
  • Everyday Wear and Tear: Normal everyday driving can wear out the motor mounts. Driving over rough roads and potholes can cause premature failure.
  • Aggressive Driving: Aggressive driving can damage many components of your car. Bad driving habits can damage everything from your tires and brakes to your engine mounts. By driving sensibly, you will extend the life of your car and improve your gas mileage.
  • Being in an Accident: If you are in an accident, have your mechanic check the motor mounts for damage.
  • Installed Improperly: Only have a certified Ferrari mechanic replace your motor mounts. Improper installation can cause them to break.
  • Faulty Motor Mount: It rarely happens, but the failure could be due to a defective engine mount.

Symptoms Produced by Bad Motor Mounts

The engine mounts hold your engine in place. If one fails, there will be some obvious symptoms such as the engine slides back and forth. Since a broken engine mount is unable to keep your engine secure, the engine can slide. This is often noticeable when accelerating, braking or turning.

You could also experience impact noises. When the engine moves back and forth it can produce banging or clunking noises. The engine could be unlevel. A broken engine mount can cause the engine to sit at a crooked angle.

Intense vibrations are another sign of engine mount problems. Broken engine mounts can lead to vibrations so intense the whole car can shake. There may also be damage to hoses and belts. If the engine is able to slide around, it can damage the hoses and belts.

You may have a damaged engine block. When the engine is not secured, it can bounce around. This can damage the engine block.

Is it Dangerous to Drive Your Ferrari with Bad Motor Mounts?

It can be dangerous to drive your Ferrari with bad motor mounts. Failed motor mounts will allow the engine to move around freely. This can cause damage to the frame, engine, and other components. Along with the damage you can experience extreme vibrations. These vibrations can cause the vehicle to be hard to handle.

If one or more of your motor mounts has failed, have them replaced right away. If you drive the Ferrari F430 and 360 have them replaced before they fail. They often last 10 years but have been known to fail sooner.

Replacing motor mounts is a fairly easy procedure. At Mark Douglas Motorworks, our expert mechanics can replace them quickly. Do not put it off. Doing so can lead to extensive damage.

Our shop has the latest tools and equipment required to take care of all your Ferrari needs. We provide the same level of service as a dealership. But we do it at a more affordable price.

Our staff strives to deliver superior customer service to all our customers. When you leave, we want you to feel confident knowing you got the best service around.

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