The Ferrari brand has been revered for decades as the precedent-setter for the finest automobile companies around the world. A true luxury brand, Ferrari vehicles do not disappoint those who choose to invest in them. Sitting behind the wheel of a Ferrari is a photo-opportunity for the average driver, to say the least, and car enthusiasts around the world will agree. Ferraris are known for their exceptional design and flawless engineering, and they require a specialized level of maintenance and care in order to perform their best. Some Ferrari owners prefer to keep their cars locked safely away in their garages for most of the year; although it’s tempting to preserve them, these cars were meant to be driven—fast! Whether they sit in your garage a majority of the time or are your main mode of transportation, it’s undeniable that your Ferrari requires special care.

One of the factors that makes these cars so unique is their innovative use of technology. The addition of electronic power steering (EPS) in the most recent Ferrari models is a point of contention amongst some drivers and enthusiasts alike; however, it adds to the overall intent of a flawless driving experience. Finding an experienced Ferrari automotive shop that can keep up with such technological advancements is critical. The EPS system in Ferraris is one example of their specialized features that requires a matched level of skill and knowledge to repair and maintain. Read on to learn more about Ferrari’s EPS systems and how to find the right automotive care.

What is EPS?

The electronic power steering system that Ferrari utilizes is designed to be more practical and efficient than the previous hydraulic systems. EPS systems are deemed a more efficient use of power in vehicles because they detect and monitor how much torque is adequate for acceleration and apply the necessary amount of power for the driver electronically.

The Benefits of EPS

Ferrari enthusiasts and automotive specialists have conflicting views about the newest electronic power steering systems in Ferrari vehicles. On one hand, EPS systems are streamlined and consistent with the direction of automotive ingenuity and engineering. On the other hand, they seem to take away from the traditional concept of a Ferrari’s impressiveness and the driver’s level of control. There are several benefits of EPS systems, including increased fuel efficiency and lighter overall vehicle weight due to the fewer parts an EPS system requires. However, we’ll leave it to you to decide whether or not the driving experience is significantly affected or not.

Ferrari’s Revolutionary Engineering

Along with EPS, Ferrari has also implemented an electronic steering assist feature in the most recent models. In combination with EPS, this feature was designed to improve the power steering efficiency and responsiveness. Although many Ferrari drivers will assert that Ferrari design remains flawless, it is unknown whether these newest power-steering features will wind up pleasing or angering Ferrari enthusiasts in the luxury import community worldwide. Perhaps only time will tell.

What the Future Holds for Ferrari Drivers

Vehicle manufacturers such as Ferrari are trend-setters in the industry—in fact, other more attainable luxury automobile companies such as Infiniti and Corvette are following suit with similar EPS design. If you are a Ferrari driver, consider yourself the top-level, and luckiest, guinea pigs in the automotive industry.

The Importance of Proper Care and Maintenance

Ferrari Engine Block If you own or drive a Ferrari vehicle, we can’t stress enough the importance of ongoing care and maintenance. Beyond frequency, the quality of the auto work performed on your Ferrari is essential. Mark Douglas Motorworks has been providing superior automotive care for Ferrari clients all over the Orange County area, including: Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Laguna Hills and Laguna Nigel, CA. With over 15 years of experience working with Ferrari vehicles, we have witnessed plenty of industry changes and modifications to the design and engineering. Aside from our high level of skill and knowledge, what sets us apart from other nearby shops is our commitment to remaining diligent about our education of the most recent advancements in Ferrari technology. To schedule an appointment or speak to a technician, please contact a professional at Mark Douglas Motorworks today.

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