All vehicles experience common problems, and it’s important to have an understanding of how this may be true for your Bentley as well. Although we typically associate Bentley vehicles as being impervious to damage or failure, this simply isn’t true. While Bentleys are exceptionally designed and engineered, giving them the well-deserved reputation they have earned, they still encounter their fair share of difficulties like any other man-made machine.

In Bentley Continental models especially, a common issue is premature wear or malfunction of the air suspension parts. For this reason, many Bentley owners often upgrade their suspension parts, especially the shocks and struts, to performance parts. Although the stock quality of a Bentley’s air suspension is not necessarily bad, it has its pitfalls and issues. Avoiding the common problems that occur in Bentley air suspensions entails understanding how they originate and who you can go to for help with ongoing maintenance or repair of your Bentley. Here are some ways to spot the signs of failing suspension parts, primarily the struts, in your Bentley.

What is the purpose of an air suspension?

Air suspensions are common in many luxury import vehicles, such as Bentleys. Their main design function is to replace the traditionally-designed suspension parts with other more efficiently designed components such as an air compressor and rubber boots that offer the vehicle more support and stability. As with a traditional suspension, however, this doesn’t necessarily negate the potential for damages or malfunctions to occur. Furthermore, an air suspension isn’t the root cause of prematurely worn-out struts in your Bentley. It’s important to look at the suspension system as a whole in examining the reasons behind strut failure.

What are the struts on your Bentley responsible for?

The struts, or strut assembly, in your Bentley’s air suspension is consists of several critical components. Generally-speaking, the struts are a critical part of your overall suspension, and they are responsible for shock absorption (shock absorbers) and supporting the vehicle’s overall weight when going over bumps and road imperfections. However, the struts on any given vehicle differ in position, location, and function. In certain Bentley models the struts can prematurely wear due to other common suspension issues.

Why it’s important to look for signs of other failing air suspension parts

Like many parts of your car, the components of a strut assembly belong to a larger system that serves a greater purpose for your car. In this case, the struts belong to the suspension of your vehicle. When systemically viewing automotive maintenance and repair, it’s essential to view any issue with struts as either a result of other suspension-related problems or as potentially influencing other suspension components. In other words, your struts are likely failing due to another issue, and they could have an impact on the health of the other suspension components as well.

Ongoing maintenance should always include suspension inspections

If you own a Bentley, it is helpful to strictly adhere to the designated maintenance schedule set forth by the manufacturer. Because Bentley’s are prone to suspension issues and premature strut wear, recognizing the early signs and symptoms between services is often up to the driver. If you notice any roughness when encountering bumps or road imperfections, you might have a suspension issue on your hands. Struts and other suspension parts must be inspected regularly to prevent further damage and performance issues in your Bentley.

Why specialized care for your Bentley is essential

Bentley Sign Here at Mark Douglas Motorworks, we have serviced Bentley’s from all over the Orange County area, including: Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Laguna Hills and Laguna Nigel, CA. We recognize Bentley as one of the most luxurious brands in the automotive industry, and therefore we keep our standards high when it comes to their maintenance and repair. However, we realize that Bentley services can be expensive, so we tailor our pricing to our the needs of our clients and the community. We offer affordable services for Bentleys and other exotic imports so that our clients can have access to the same expertise without spending a fortune on maintenance and repair. If you’re noticing the signs of failing suspension parts, contact us to schedule an inspection right away. We look forward to helping retain your Bentley’s standards of performance and integrity.

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