How to draw a Porsche 918 Spyder
by Alejandro Lara

Step 1 : Draw Body

Step 1 : Draw the outline of the door and side frame

Step 2 : Draw the outline of the rear end

Step 3 : Draw the outline of the front end

Step 4 : Darken the outlines and draw the interior, mirrors and headlights

Step 5 : Draw the exterior bumper, license plate and intercooler


Step 6 : Draw the outline of the tires

Step 7 : Draw the outline of the rim

Step 8 : Outline the spokes

Step 9 : Draw the center

Step 10 : Carefully outline the rim

Step 11 : Carefully insert the inner spokes

Step 12 : Outline the brake pads and shade the dark areas

Step 7 – 12 to apply same technique to rear wheel


Step 13 : Shade the inside of the fenders

Step 14 : Shade the tires

Step 15 : Shade the undercarriage and the intercooler

Step 16 : Shade the interior, windsheild and add the license plate

Step 17 : Lightly shade the light areas and darken the dark areas

Step 18 : Shade the remaining areas, lightly shade the areas light and shade the dark areas

Step 19 : Enhance the dark areas and you’re done

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