Many drivers often overlook the critical maintenance procedures that every car requires in order to perform optimally. Replacing and/or rotating worn out tires, changing air filters, and wheel alignments are a few of the more basic maintenance tasks that contribute significantly to your vehicle’s ongoing health and function. Another essential maintenance procedure that should be performed regularly is oil and oil filter changes.

Changing your oil is important, as it serves as lubrication for the various parts and systems under the hood of your car. When oil becomes contaminated with debris, such as metal shavings, it cannot only hinder your car’s performance, but it can indicate that there are other serious maintenance procedures that must be addressed. Metal shavings in oil can cause serious engine damage over time if not properly attended to by an automotive professional. In this article, we’ll go over some of the symptoms of oil contamination and what you can do going forward to ensure that your car gets the care it needs.

Symptoms Related to Oil Contamination

It’s important to routinely change your oil, and if you forego this important step in your vehicle’s care it can have lasting, damaging effects to your engine. Paying close attention to how your car handles and behaves on a regular basis can give you some insight as to where problems originate; this is also true when it comes to oil quality.

Rough Idling

When your engine isn’t properly lubricated, it causes unnecessary friction between some of the vital engine components. If you notice that while your car is idling it is intensely vibrating or shaking, this could be related to the quality or level of the oil in your engine.

Ticking Noises

When your engine oil builds up debris or metal shavings, it can cause the oil not to flow smoothly from one point to the next, which deprives certain engine parts the lubrication they desperately need to perform their function well. Engine ticking can be traced to the inability for the engine oil to flow freely through the components.

Decreased Power

If you begin to notice that your car doesn’t have the same gusto it usually does, the problem could be related to any number of causes; however, if you notice any of the other symptoms listed here occurring simultaneously, decreased engine power might be due to your engine having to work harder under rougher, less-lubricated conditions.

Engine Knocking

When engine oil is not properly changed and attended to, it can cause buildup of debris. The longer oil goes without changing, the more that buildup takes a toll on the engine parts. As a chain reaction of events occurs, friction causes parts to wear quicker, which can create metal shavings in your oil, and can further deteriorate your engine. Engine knocking is a more severe symptom of long-term dirty oil.

Other Warning Signs

Your car is designed to alert you when there is a problem with your vehicle’s performance. As your oil becomes less functional, you might notice warning lights appearing in your dashboard. You might encounter such warning lights as: check-engine light, “service engine soon” light, or various signs related to oil and oil pressure. It’s critical to pay attention to these warnings and bring your car in for an inspection.

Why Ongoing Maintenance is Critical

Car Oil Change Oil changes are one of the most important aspects of ongoing vehicle care. If the oil is not maintained, it can lead to serious side effects including changes in vehicle performance and long-term severe engine damage. The next steps should involve a thorough differential diagnosis to rule out the potential causes of performance issues, including metal shavings in your oil and determining if other parts have been damaged due to inadequate oil care.

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