Having a properly functioning speed sensor in your car is important. It tells you through your speedometer how fast you are going, of course, but it plays many more roles than that. Every car has a speed at which it runs optimally, and if yours is going above that limit without your knowledge, several issues can spring up over time. That being said, you need to know how to identify a malfunctioning speed sensor, understand why it is having issues, and know where to take it to have the problem addressed.

Warning Signs of a Faulty Speed Sensor

There are several little ways to gauge whether your speed sensor is working in proper order or not. Take notice of any of these, and have your car taken to an auto shop if they become frequent.

Erratic or Dead Speedometer

The most telling sign of a faulty speed sensor is a speedometer that jumps back and forth or does not work at all. This is a very immediate danger to you, so take it seriously and have your car checked out as soon as possible. If you do not know your speed, you could be driving recklessly without really knowing it.

Check Engine Light

If your “check engine” light comes on at seemingly random times, this could also be a warning sign. Take note of the pattern in which it appears. If it seems to do so more while you are accelerating, your speed sensor may be broken.

Braking Issues

Your brakes may become harder to push while coasting. If so, this is a more dangerous issue that needs to be addressed. This could be due to the speed sensor as well. If left unchecked, this could cause an accident.

You know what you are looking for now. However, you may still be wondering why your speed sensor is breaking down. Allow us to explain some of the main root issues that could cause this to happen.

Why Your Speed Sensor is Malfunctioning

Connection to the Cable Has Snapped

Vehicle speed sensors are connected to a cable which in turn is connected to your car’s speedometer. If the cable is broken, then the information the sensor is putting out becomes useless as your car can no longer relay that information to you.

Dirt Accumulation

All car parts accumulate dirt and debris eventually. This is normal, but it is vital that your speed sensor can still generate a signal to give information back to your car’s computer. If it is covered with filth, its ability to do so is inhibited.

Corroded Connections

If the electrical connections are corroded, the sensor can’t send its information to the rest of your vehicle. This is a permanent problem, and it will need to be replaced entirely in order to work properly again.

How to Avoid Future Issues

No matter what, you need to have your vehicle brought in for regular inspections and maintenance. Even if it seems like nothing is wrong, small issues could build up into something ugly. Professionals will be able to see things you just can’t and fix them before something major goes awry.

Where to Have Your Speed Sensor Fixed

As you can tell, having a malfunctioning speed sensor is a serious problem. You need to be able to have it fixed as soon as possible Car Speed Sensor Issue Check before you cause an accident or get a speeding ticket, at the very least. That is where Mark Douglas Motorworks comes in.

We at Mark Douglas Motorworks pride ourselves in being able to patch up any problem, especially those in European makes and models like Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, and Jaguar. Dealerships are too slow, and regular auto mechanics may not have the expertise you need when it comes to cars that require extra special care. We use the highest quality tools and products to ensure that your vehicle will be up and running again with no more nasty surprises.

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