Your Maserati is a fine system of Italian engineering that you can expect to deliver great handling and plenty of power. From its state-of-the-art craftsmanship and tooling, interior features, elegant shape, superior handling, and grace in driving, it is an exceptionally designed car that can provide years of enjoyment.

But if your engine air filter is overdue for replacement, you may not get the performance from your car you expect. It’s important that you have your air filter replaced regularly to ensure it does not hamper your Maserati in giving you the driving experience you love.

What does the air filter do?

Before we discuss what your Maserati’s air filter does, we should distinguish between the engine air filter and the cabin air filter.

The cabin air filter works to purify the air within the cabin of the car. But for this article, we’re going to be referring to the engine air filter.

The engine air filter on your Maserati is designed to keep particles of dust or dirt along with other contaminants in the environment from entering the engine. If this debris got into the engine, it would get clogged, and its moving parts would degrade because of additional friction.

An air filter, like most other car parts, has a finite life span, so it will need to be replaced. Over time, it will pick up more and more dust and dirt. Eventually, it will become too clogged to continue to be effective. How often you will need to change it will depend on a variety of factors.

Signs that it’s Time To Replace the Air Filter

Checking the owner’s manual for your Maserati is a good way to confirm how often to change the filter. If you drive in areas with heavy traffic, pollution, or lots of dust and sand, you may have to change it more often.

Knowing when to change your air filter is an important part of car ownership, and running your Maserati with a dirty and old filter will cause the engine to struggle more, so don’t ignore these warning signs.

  • Lower Gas Mileage: If your Maserati seems to run low on gas sooner than it used to, you may want to note down the mileage you’re getting per tank and see if it falls well below the stated mileage for your model. Your Maserati needs a good airflow for the engine to work at optimal performance. When the air filter is dirty, it will hinder the airflow into the engine and force it to work harder.
  • Difficulty Starting the Car: If you are finding your Maserati is not starting on the first try, you may be seeing signs of a clogged air filter. The air filter sits near the start of the emission control system in your car, and when this is compromised, it will cause the spark plugs to get dirty, which could cause them to fire less reliably. If the car runs poorly once it starts, it may also be a warning sign.

Visually Inspect the Air Filter

The air filter will become clogged and dirty with extended use. Air filters are generally a white or off-white color to make it easy to check the filter condition. If the filter appears to be gray or darkening, or you can observe many particles in it, it’s a sign you need to swap it out.

Since many particles are too small to see, you can’t rely on a visual inspection alone to tell you when the filter needs to go, but it’s a good thing to check. It may look very dusty or you may even see leaf debris in its folds.

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