Coolants are found in the engine block of your Maserati and are designed to help manage the engine’s temperature. The coolant is transported through the engine block to optimize the temperature whenever there is a temperature change. If the coolant leaks, it becomes unavailable for cooling the engine, thereby leading to overheating.

Driving a car with coolant leaks is not advisable because it can cause severe issues in the engine and endanger the lives of you and your passengers. Hence, it needs immediate fixing when noticed.

Common Causes of Coolant Leaks

The coolant of your Maserati can start leaking for several reasons, and some of the most common are listed below:

  • Blown head gasket: The head gasket of your Maserati is located between the engine block and cylinder head, and technicians call it “blown” when it begins to leak. The primary function of your head gasket is to maintain a wide range of temperatures in the engine. It no longer keeps the engine oil and coolant apart when it becomes blown, allowing the coolant to leak outside the engine.
  • Failed water pump: The water pump connects the lower tube to the radiator. When the connection is lost, the water pump can no longer circulate the coolant throughout the engine: this causes the engine to overheat and the coolant to leak.
  • Cracked expansion tank: The expansion tank supplies coolant to the radiator. Because it is made of plastic, when the temperature in the radiator is high and it begins to melt, the container will leak, causing the coolant to spill out.
  • Hole in the radiator: Rust within the radiator is one of the major causes of leaking coolant. The coolant leaks when the connecting tubes get older and experience wear and tear.

Symptoms of Coolant Leaks in Maserati

Cars are known to give signs whenever any of their components are faulty or failing. Your Maserati will show the symptoms written below in the event of leaking coolant.

  • When you park your car, a fluid puddle will form underneath it. The color of the fluid varies depending on the paint on the color of the formula you use.
  • If the temperature gauge reads a temperature higher than usual, then there is a chance that the coolant is leaking.
  • Frequent overheating of the engine.
  • The coolant warning light is another easy way to detect leaking coolant. When the light on your dashboard comes on, it means that the coolant level is low, which might be due to a leak.
  • A discolored and corroded radiator is evidence that the coolant is leaking.

How to Avoid Coolant Leaks in Maserati

Following a strict maintenance routine is the best way to avoid coolant leaks for your Maserati. The maintenance routine should include frequent replacement of the coolant in your radiator.

It is advisable to replace the coolant frequently because the older the coolant, the more acidic it gets. A leaking coolant poses a threat to the aluminum in the radiator and can also cause the engine to overheat.

In cases where the damage has already occurred, and you notice signs of leaking coolants, seek the help of a professional mechanic to fix it. If it is not fixed urgently, the coolant might cause a domino effect that will endanger other vital parts of your Maserati.

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