Maseratis are what most people dream of driving. A sleek, cunning style mixed with high-performance Italian engineering. It’s what sets Maserati apart from the competition. But to maintain such a high-standard of luxury, it requires an equal amount of high-quality maintenance.

Maseratis come with their fair share of upkeep. Like any exotic car, Maserati’s craft their machines with meticulous designs unique to the brand. Those designs include many moving parts that owners must frequently service to protect their Maserati’s efficiency, performance, and overall safety.

With all the services required, it’s challenging to know at what time and mileage to bring in your Maserati for maintenance. To make your life easier, we’re here to give you an in-depth guide to caring for your Maserati.

Yearly Preventative Maintenance

Regular annual servicing, or when your Maserati reaches multiples of 12,000 miles, is maintenance any car requires to run correctly. These services include everything any typical vehicle would have changed or inspected after a year of operating. All Maserati owners must tend to these maintenance needs no matter how little they drive their cars.

Here’s a list of yearly Maserati services:

Most of these are simple inspections and may not require more than a quick checkup. However, keep in mind that these services are necessary to prevent any problems with your Maserati. Trained professionals should always conduct these services to ensure your Maserati is guaranteed the best performance.

Seasonal Preventative Maintenance

Sometimes Maserati owners overlook relatively simple maintenance measures and may leave the car a little dirty for longer than usual. Most owners take pride in their Maseratis, so including daily upkeep can include anything from washing the exterior to checking fluids, tire wear, and watching for signs of leaks under your car where you park.

Here are some easy preventative maintenance you can do at home for your Maserati:

  • Routinely Check the Undercarriage: Sometimes, streets have road debris that can get lodged or stuck onto the undercarriage of your Maserati. Though less common, anything from plastic bags to branches can get trapped under your car. If you hit something in the road, be sure to watch over the coming days for any leaks or unusual noises that indicate something may have been damaged. Watch your tires for any sign of air leaks or odd tread wear.
  • Protect Your Car From Heat Damage: High heat environments can harm the exterior as well as the interior of your car. A hot day will bake the inside of your Maserati to temperatures exceeding 100°F, damaging your dashboard, accents, window tints, seats, and other materials inside your Maserati. Always use a sunshield, car cover, or try to park your Maserati inside a garage or in the shade to prevent heat damage on a hot summer day.
  • Wash Away Salt and Sand: Salt and sand laid on the streets after a snowstorm can get kicked up on your Maserati’s paint job. Sand from beaches can also have the same negative effect. Over time, these elements can eat away at the paint and corrode the car’s body. It’s essential to hose down your Maserati after often following a drive on a salted highway or a beach day to prevent the paint from being damaged.
  • Wash Away Pollen and Tree Sap: If it doesn’t snow where you live, you might face pollen and tree sap problems instead. Parking under or near a tree can lead to plant matter falling over your car and getting stuck to the paint job. Just like salt and sand, pollen or tree sap will corrode your Maserati’s paint with time. Always be mindful of washing away any debris that lands on your car.

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