Porsche is a brand built on sleek, smooth performance, but they also experience signs of wear and tear. It is important to maintain your vehicle so it functions at its top performance. If you notice any odd or unusual behavior from your engine or your Porsche’s intricate systems, it is imperative this is fixed quickly, so your Porsche model can continue to deliver on the brand’s promise of quality and performance. One problem that has a massive impact on your Porsche’s functioning is the coolant pipe. Let’s learn more about what happens when this important part of your cooling system leaks or fails.

The Function of the Coolant Pipe

The coolant pipe of your Porsche is a small, essential component that may never cross your mind until it breaks. All vehicles have a cooling system that is critical to ensure proper functioning and to keep your engine from overheating. Coolant pipes are responsible for carrying coolant (also called radiator fluid or antifreeze) throughout the engine to cool the core and any other parts prone to overheating. The coolant pipes then carry the now-scalding hot fluid to the radiator to be cooled down before recirculating through the engine.

Plastic Piping

Porsche manufacturers designed select Porsche models, such as the Cayenne, with plastic coolant pipes. This was likely in an effort to cut down on manufacturing costs. However, the plastic component is prone to failure due to both placement and function.

Due to the consistently-hot heat from the surrounding engine, eventually the plastic material will degrade and warp or crack, which leads to coolant leaks. Added to this, radiator fluid heats up as it travels through the hot engine, which will lead to degradation and cracking from the inside-out as well.

If you know your Porsche is a model that was made with plastic coolant pipes, it’s important to have them replaced, regardless of if they show signs of failures, as they will inevitably break down. However, it’s possible for even non-plastic piping to suffer wear and tear through the years, which means it’s important that every Porsche owner knows the signs of broken coolant pipes.

Signs of Pipe Failure

There are a couple of signs that your coolant pipes could be failing. If you notice that there is a sweet-smelling puddle beneath your Porsche after you’ve parked it for any length of time, this is likely coolant leaking from a cracked pipe.

They may be coolant leaking into the starter motor. If you notice that there is a consistent, sweet smell in your vehicle with no cause to be seen, it’s possible that you’re leaking radiator fluid into your starter motor. If you also experience issues starting your vehicle, this is an almost surefire sign that you’re leaking coolant into your starter motor and it’s gumming up the works. At this point, there’s no recourse other than to have your vehicle inspected and repaired by a certified mechanic.

Advantages of Maintaining Your Porsche’s Coolant Pipes

While every vehicle eventually needs maintenance, imports with the performance of a Porsche deserve more respect and preventative care since they are usually pushed to their limits by their drivers.

Prevention of wear-and-tear has several advantages:

  • Maintaining the high performance standards of your Porsche.
  • Increasing the longevity of the vehicle’s engine, as well as maintaining the value as long as possible.
  • Preventing further and future leaks and/or engine damage.
  • While the financial costs of preventative maintenance seem to add up quickly over the months, this is nothing compared to the cost of a new engine or a new car.

Mark Douglas Motorworks Can Help

If you suspect your Porsche has plastic coolant pipes, or if you notice any signs that your non-plastic coolant pipes are experiencing a Porsche Coolant Filling leak, bring your Porsche to Mark Douglas Motoroworks.

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At Mark Douglas Motorworks, you can be sure that your Porsche will be taken care of with the respect and superior service it deserves. This is why every vehicle serviced and/or repaired comes with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty so you know you and your vehicle are in only the best of hands. Come in today or call us for an appointment. We look forward to servicing your Porsche for years to come.

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