While Rolls Royce is known as a premium automotive brand, using high quality parts to create luxury performance vehicles, they are not immune to issues that come along with having an engine. No amount of quality can ensure parts will not fail over time, meaning that engine mount failure is something important to remember for your Rolls Royce.

The engine mounts do exactly what their name implies: They serve to mount the engine in the engine bay and hold it in place against the frame of your car. If these mounts fail, your engine will not be secure, meaning it can move around, potentially causing severe damage.

It is very important to know how this happens and the accompanying signs so you can ensure you have your Rolls Royce serviced immediately to avoid the possible catastrophic damage that could occur.

Causes and Symptoms of Engine Mount Failure in Rolls Royce

Age itself can lead to engine mount failure, as the components can wear out over time. As your Rolls Royce increases in mileage, it becomes ever more imperative to have your engine mounts regularly inspected. An accident can also lead to damage to the engine mounts, compromising their integrity. This can include if another part of the engine is damaged and fluid leaks onto the mounts themselves, leading to the deterioration of the rubber. This is also a problem with leaks in the engine bay in general, which can occur even if you have not been in an accident.

Improper installation of the mounts can also lead to failure, so it is crucial to have your Rolls Royce serviced by a reputable shop that has expertise in your vehicle.

While the above symptoms include factors out of your control, your driving habits can also influence the wear of your engine mounts. Revving the engine consistently can also put strain on the mounts and lead to premature failure. To prevent this, drive within the vehicle’s limits and do not attempt to rev it excessively.

Signs of Engine Mount Failure

Below are some of the most common symptoms that will indicate your engine mounts are going bad:

  • Noise: You might hear banging sounds coming from your engine bay because the mounts are no longer holding it in place, so it is free to move about.
  • Vibrations: The engine mounts not only hold your engine in place, but also reduce the vibrations produced by vehicle operation. Without functional mounts, you will likely notice excessive vibration, even to the point of feeling them in the driver’s seat. This greatly degrades ride quality and safety, as the driver can become distracted by the vibrations.
  • Broken belts and/or hoses: With the engine able to move, belts or hoses attached to it might disconnect or even break. Note that this can cause further damage, as the engine might be unable to perform required tasks to keep the engine running safely. For example, if coolant lines are broken, the engine will not be able to stay cool, leading to overheating.
  • Engine lopsided: You might open the hood to find the engine appears lopsided or lower altogether in the bay than normal.

It is an urgent problem if you notice any of these symptoms. Waiting to address them can only lead to damages. Further, it is dangerous driving with failed engine mounts. You run the risk of catastrophic damage, which can happen at any point, leaving you stuck and unable to move.

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