A Maserati is a high-quality luxury vehicle that can provide quality service. Driving one of these fine vehicles is a privilege, as it is one of the most respected and revered brands in the automotive industry. There are several distinctive features on Maserati brand vehicles. The distinctive valve timing system should only be maintained and repaired by a knowledgeable Maserati technician.

A Maserati’s variable valve timing is dependent on a complex system of interworking parts that relay indicators to the vehicle’s ignition system. Most cars today use a variable valve timing system after the streamlining of advanced technology in the engines of vehicles became more commonplace. Maserati’s variable valve timing system is more distinctive. If the parts in that system aren’t working as they should, it is usually because of some form of failure of the variator. When these problems occur, the camshaft variator in the Maserati will require replacement. The camshaft variator plays a major role in the variable valve timing system.

Signs of a Faulty Camshaft Variator

There are several different symptoms that might indicate a problem with the variable valve timing system in a Maserati. Because these system parts are interconnected, it is difficult to know if the issue is within the camshaft variator or some other part within the system. A knowledgeable Maserati automotive technician will need to examine the vehicle thoroughly to get an accurate diagnosis. You need to be attentive to your car’s behavior and take note of the symptoms, so your automotive technician can detect the root of the problem much more quickly. Here are some signs of a faulty camshaft variator in a Maserati:

  • Illuminated Check Engine Light – Almost all engine problems, including those that pertain to timing, will cause the check engine light to illuminate. This is a concerning problem for any driver, since it could involve any of several issues. Your automotive repair facility will need to read the specific codes that the cars ECU will output, so they can properly determine the problem. A specific diagnostic tool will be used, and the Maserati technician will interpret the codes.
  • Idling Issues and Engine MisfiresCamshaft variator failure and other variable valve timing issues can cause rough idling or engine misfiring in your Maserati. This is an alarming symptom since you expect only the best performance from a Maserati. You might notice inconsistent RPMs during stressful times, such as acceleration.
  • Changes in Gas Mileage – While Maseratis are not known for excellent gas mileage, you won’t be happy to notice your gas mileage negatively impacted by a failing camshaft variator. While you might not notice this issue right away because fuel efficiency fluctuates with driving habits, you will take notice eventually as the problem becomes more prominent.

Getting A Differential Diagnosis on Your Maserati

When your Maserati is experiencing a variable valve timing issue, you should have your car checked right away. The origin point could be one of many things, including the camshaft variator. However, your problem could be something simple and less expensive, such as a failing sensor. When a mechanic must remove and replace a Maserati camshaft variator, usually other parts must be removed and replaced, including the valve timing solenoid.

It is essential to a successful repair for your Maserati auto repair facility to perform a differential diagnosis that is thorough, so all potential causes of the problem can be ruled out and the root of the problem can be revealed. This will also allow your mechanic to address all the other problems or damage that your engine suffered because of the faulty camshaft variator.

Scheduling Your Maserati Maintenance and Repairs

You should make sure you take your Maserati Maserati Camshaft Variator Check in for regular maintenance. If you notice any of the symptoms previously mentioned, be sure you take the car in for a differential diagnosis. At Mark Douglas Motorworks, convenient to Lake Forest, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and Laguna Hills, CA, we specialize in Exotic vehicles. Call (949) 472-8842, so our experienced mechanics can get to work on your Maserati. We have the skills, tools, and knowledge to provide expert repair services on your Maserati, and we can also provide you with genuine vehicle parts at an affordable price. At our family-owned business, we take customer service seriously.

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