Do you feel frustrated or unsafe because the steering wheel of your Ferrari vibrates? There are many complaints from drivers about this problem. In some instances, the steering wheel shakes while the car is traveling at high speed or when it is moving forward at any time. In some cases, if you feel a vibration in your steering wheel, it can be a sign of damage to the chassis or the tires. Let’s take a closer look at the most common causes of vibrations in your steering wheel.

The Usual Suspects

Driving a car is very dangerous if there is a problem with the steering wheel. There is a metal shaft called a spindle inside the steering shaft. When a driver applies force to the steering wheel, the spindle transmits the force to the rack, a gear, or a steering mechanism. A steering wheel must be steady when driving to ensure you have proper control of every turn, drift, and corner.

If the steering wheel is vibrating while at high speed, it is usually the result of an unbalanced wheel or bent rim. It could also be a lost nut or bolt on the steering column, as well as other factors.

However, if the phenomenon occurs when the vehicle brakes, this is usually the result of unbalanced drum brakes or disc brakes.

In many cases, the problem is caused by a combination of vehicle components, and diagnosing the issue can be a challenging process. Saving time is possible by directly inspecting the following parts. If you ignore the problem for a long time, various elements could wear prematurely.

Trouble with the Brakes

Vibrations in the steering wheel could be caused by a variety of brake issues. Whenever you are slowing down the vehicle, the vehicle may shake due to faulty brake discs, loose connectors, damaged shock absorbers, or worn brake pads. Other brake problems may also cause the steering vibration symptoms. Meanwhile, if the vibration occurs when the brake pedal is pressed, you should check the brake rotors. When the steering wheel shakes at high speeds, it is also necessary to inspect the brake caliper. Driving at a higher speed causes the vibration to become more severe, and you will notice a burning odor when the vehicle is stopped.

Problems with the Suspension

At high speeds or when maintaining a particular speed, shaking of the steering wheel can indicate a suspension issue. Make sure the suspension system is in good condition, including the shock and struts, as shaking is usually caused by corroded parts, worn shocks, loose connections, and driveshaft imbalances.

Wheels Out of Balance

Low-quality, misaligned, and damaged tires can cause the wheels of your Ferrari to be unbalanced. If this happens, your steering wheel will shake excessively, and sometimes the whole car will shake as well! The most common cause of this problem is low-profile tires with uneven tread.

In addition, a lightweight suspension system might be causing the wheels to be unbalanced since no counterweights have been attached. The more worrying part is that ignoring it may result in damage to the suspension and steering components, including the struts, shocks, tread, and a variety of other parts.

Tires May Be Out of Alignment

Vibration of the steering wheel is often caused by this problem. It is characterized by a shaking of the wheels at around 50 mph, which becomes more severe at about 60 mph. Speed, however, causes the amount to decrease. To prevent this from occurring, ensure that the tires are properly inflated and aligned regularly.

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