Routine attention and maintenance are necessary for exotic cars like Ferrari. These models were developed for world class superiority and elegance. Regular automotive repair services, including correcting wheel alignment, ensure Ferrari’s exceptional performance.

Often, performance issues are compromised by improper tire alignment caused by driving over rough road conditions, potholes, or decaying gradually over time. In this article, we will go over the reasons why regular wheel alignment is needed for a Ferrari and what to do when a wheel alignment is needed.

Excessive Wheel Wear

Improper wheel alignment, or when wheels are not precisely lined up in the same directions, creates uneven contact angles of wheels on the road. This contact leads to excessive irregular and premature wearing of wheels. This is often expressed by bumpiness or irregularity in your normally smooth ride. Also, excessive tire wear weakens the tire grip on the road and may create unsafe driving conditions, especially in sloped terrain or wet weather.

Excessive Play with the Steering Wheel

Excessive steering wheel play is concerning for drivers, including those who rely on Ferrari’s high-end standards of maneuverability. If you notice driving takes a little more steering effort or the steering wheel is jerky and shaking unnaturally, there could be improper alignment of your tires.

Control of the steering wheel is a key part of the maneuverability standards of Ferrari. Maintaining your tire alignment allows you to stay in control of your steering wheel and your drive.

Suspension Failure

If you notice while driving that you are drifting to the right or left of the road, having difficulty staying in a lane, or enduring a rough ride where you feel almost every bump or dip in the road, there may be problems with the suspension of the car. You need an inspection of the alignment of your wheels to avoid further damage to the car.

Driver Fatigue

Over time, driving with improperly-aligned wheels can increase driver fatigue if not fixed properly and promptly. Fighting with the steering wheel, the extra effort to try and prevent drifting, and enduring an uncomfortable drive can take a toll on driver alertness and reflexes. Correcting your wheel alignment can alleviate such problems and help create a safer, superior driving experience.

What to do When Your Ferrari Needs a Wheel Alignment

In deciding whether or not your Ferrari needs a wheel alignment, it is important to pay attention to the behavior of the Ferrari and yourself while you are driving. If any of these above reasons for a wheel alignment arise, it is of utmost importance to get it addressed immediately to avoid overall unsafe operation of the car and some of the potential dangers stated previously.

Wheel alignment is a routine service recommended at least twice a year and being aware of what improper wheel alignment can cause may ensure less money and time for larger repairs later on.

Reading your Ferrari’s owner’s manual and following a recommended maintenance plan prepares your Ferrari for its expected exceptional performance.

Wheel alignments are easily corrected at a trusted Ferrari service center. It is suggested you consult with an experienced Ferrari specialist to discuss any signs or effects of misaligned wheels.

Mark Douglas Motorworks Can Help

Our technology-trained expert mechanics and certified staff here at Mark Douglas Motorworks dedicate our quality services to clients of the Orange County area, Ferrari Wheel Alignment including Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Laguna Hills and Laguna Niguel, CA. Improper wheel alignment is not uncommon in cars. It affects a wide range of performance features, so it requires proper routine attention.

At Mark Douglas Motorworks, we approach automotive repair services with world-class attention to detail, honesty in our work, and affordability of our labor and parts. We prioritize our client satisfaction with the high end maintenance of the exceptional and elegant performance of their exotic cars. We conduct factory-recommended services, offer visual inspections, provide written estimates, and regularly update clients throughout the repair process performed by knowledgeable specialists.

If you would like us to resolve your wheel alignment issues or would like to learn more about our expertise with Ferraris and other exotic car models, please contact us at once. We look forward to becoming your trusted Ferrari service center for all your future needs.

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