Smooth transmission is a very important part of any vehicle, as it makes it possible to vary the gears in the car and effectively enable the car to change speeds and torque as needed by the driver. The transmission system is made up of different smaller components that include the gear box, clutch, and several shafts. The entire system is responsible for ensuring that the resulting power from the engine’s internal combustion chamber is transmitted into the wheels to create different rotational speeds.

In the Porsche, the transmission system is highly sophisticated to ensure that their vehicles live up to their name. Porsche vehicle models are well known for excellent performance, safety, and elegance. However, the transmission system in the Porsche is not perfect and may develop certain issues along the way. A common component within the transmission of a Porsche that often develops these issues is the clutch slave cylinder.

How It Should Work

The clutch slave cylinder is a component within the transmission that makes it possible to disengage the clutch in order to shift safely when the pedal is pushed down. The clutch slave cylinder works in conjunction with the master cylinder, where it receives pressure that extends a rod. This rod pushes against a lever; a movement that then disengages the clutch.

Causes of Clutch Slave Cylinder Issues

Clutch slave cylinder problems can be brought on by a number of reasons. Top among these is wear and tear within the transmission system components. This is inevitable, after covering several hundred thousand miles in your Porsche. Even with regular servicing, time and constant driving will still cause the transmission parts, including the clutch slave cylinder seals, to start falling apart sooner or later.

The clutch slave cylinder can also develop rust as a result of the hygroscopic nature of the brake fluid that is used in the clutch. The brake fluid absorbs water that then creates an environment where rust can develop. This rust then causes the clutch slave cylinder to develop problems.

Symptoms of Clutch Slave Cylinder Issues

Some of the symptoms that you’ll notice in your Porsche when the clutch slave cylinder has issues include low levels or contamination in the brake fluid. The contamination results from the water being absorbed into the fluid due to wearing out of the clutch slave cylinder seals. The same degradation of the seals will cause the brake fluid to start leaking into the engine bay.

Leaking brake fluid from the clutch slave cylinder will lead to a decrease in the level of brake fluid in the transmission system. This will impact the functions of the entire system.

You may also notice that the clutch pedal will feel abnormal under your foot. This is mainly because there will be significant difficulty in the disengagement of the clutch, and this will create problems in the process of shifting from one gear to the next. On some occasions, the clutch pedal may also remain pressed down to the floor. This will also make it impossible to vary the gears at which you drive your Porsche.

What To Do About Clutch Slave Cylinder Issues

The only sure way to ensure that you get to enjoy the smooth transmission system that comes with Porsche vehicles is to develop a routine servicing schedulePorsche Clutch Slave Cylinder Issue Fix In the course of the servicing visits, it is important that your mechanic not only looks out for signs of wear in the clutch slave cylinder seals, but they should also look at the quality of brake fluid.

If the seals have any signs of wear, replacement should logically be the next course of action. The mechanic should also insist on flushing out the fluid as often as possible in order to ensure that water contamination is completely eliminated.

Should you notice the signs of clutch slave cylinder problems in your Porsche, you should immediately seek the help of a certified auto-technician. At Mark Douglas Motorworks, we have serviced many Porsche vehicles in the Orange County area, including those in Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Laguna Hills, and Laguna Nigel, CA. We are eager to get your car back into shape and get you back on the road safely.

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