The Bentley is the ultimate statement of elegance, opulence, and automotive beauty. Owning a Bentley means you are part of the history of one of the preeminent cars in the world, from taking the checkered flag at the 24 Hours Le Mans eight times, to setting a world ice-driving speed record, to being the car preferred by royalty.

With a history as rich as your Bentley, this car should run like the strongest and most agile beast on the road. If the MAF sensor is not functioning accurately, your Bentley will begin to lose the power you demand.

MAF Sensor

The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor detects the mass of the air entering the engine from the outside. Once the mass is calculated, the sensor sends the data to the engine control module. Your Bentley knows how much fuel to inject into the engine cylinders. This is how the MAF balances the air and fuel ratio, resulting in successful combustion, and the highest level of efficiency and performance.

If the MAF sensor fails, your Bentley’s engine cylinders will receive the incorrect amount of fuel, causing the engine to run too lean or too rich.

Five Common Issues of an MAF Sensor

There are a few common issues that will alert you to a possible problem with your MAF sensor. If any of these occur, it is best to take your Bentley to a certified auto shop for a diagnosis before the problem becomes worse:

Rough Idling

Bentleys are known for their smooth, silken ride. Even when the car is idling in traffic, being a driver or passenger of a Bentley is a pleasure many people do not forget. If the MAF sensor is bad, the proper amount of fuel will not be injected into the cylinders, causing the car to idle roughly whenever you park or stop. If the tachometer on your dashboard shows the RPM speed fluctuating rapidly idling, your MAF sensor is not working. Take your car to a Bentley-certified auto shop for a diagnosis by a certified technician so you can get back on the road.

Engine Stalling

The journey you make is as unique as the ambition that drives you. This journey should be a pleasurable one. Instead, if your Bentley stalls, causing you to restart the engine, your journey may become frustrating. If this becomes a regular occurrence, your journeys lose all pleasure. A stalling engine coupled with rough idling is a sure sign of a bad MAF sensor. Even worse, you may come to the point where your Bentley will not start at all.

Acceleration Hesitation

A faulty MAF sensor will ruin your ride. If you step on the accelerator and do not get the expected acceleration rate, you may have a bad sensor. If the hesitation is followed by jerkiness, and if the car starts to jerk even more as you attempt to go faster, a bad sensor is the most likely problem. Because there are other issues that can cause this symptom, it is best to have an auto shop diagnose the issue so you can get a correct resolution.

Engine Running Too Rich or Too Lean

A rich fuel-to-air mixture means there is more fuel than what is needed in relation to the air in the cylinders. A lean fuel-to-air mixture means there is not enough fuel available. Either inaccurate mixture causes insufficient power to be generated or too much fuel to be consumed. You will quickly notice the lack of power as this is the opposite of your expectations of your Bentley. Unless you keep track of your mileage, you may not notice the amount of fuel being consumed, which can lead to other, more significant problems for your engine.

Bad Fuel Economy

An engine that runs too rich results in poor fuel economy. Unless you are watching your miles per gallon, you may miss this symptom. If you are watching and notice a change, take your vehicle to a Bentley-certified auto shop quickly so you can get this relatively easy repair made before any major damage is done to your car’s high-quality engine.

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