The Land Rover Company was technically founded in 1978, but the designs for the original Land Rover began in the year 1947. Though ownership of the company can be a bit confusing, the Land Rover is currently owned and produced by Jaguar Land Rover. The initial designs for the Land Rover include elements from the Jeep, which was a likely source of inspiration. The original Land Rover was designed shortly after the end of World War II, so the famous green color was not picked as a stylistic choice, but purely because there was so much military surplus available.

Since its inception, the Land Rover has been able to combine a stylish and rugged design, with excellent performance. Today it is a popular luxury SUV that many people love. The strong performance of the Land Rover is due to the turbo diesel engine, which makes it an excellent car for off-roading. If you properly maintain this vehicle and keep detailed records of the work you do on it, it will certainly last you for years. Yet, even with the best maintenance and care, you still may run into problems here and there. Surprisingly, one of the most common issues is a leaking sunroof.

Over time, the sunroof in your Land Rover may begin to leak. It is obviously a frustrating issue to deal with if your sunroof begins to leak, but it is also one that could be dangerous. There have been some reports to Land Rover that customers are experiencing a leaking sunroof before they reach 55,000 miles on their vehicle. The cause of this issue is generally that the drains on the sunroof get pinched, which allows for gaps causing water to get inside.

Fixing the Leak in Your Sunroof

Figuring out if you have a leaking sunroof is a fairly simple task and pretty self-explanatory. If you are driving in poor weather, such as rain or snow, and you notice water is seeping into your vehicle, you probably have a leak. It is generally wise to deal with this issue immediately. Not only because it is an annoying problem to have, but also because there is potential for the water to damage electrical parts within your car. If it does damage electrical components within your vehicle, it will be a much more costly project.

The first thing you should do when attempting to repair your leaking sunroof is to make sure that your sunroof is closed completely. A possible cause for the leaking might simply be that the sunroof was not entirely closed the last time it was used. After you have verified that the sunroof is completely shut, the headliner and drain hoses will need to be removed. Verify that the drain hoses don’t have any cracks. If there are visible cracks, you will need to replace the drain hoses.

Following the removal of the headliner and the drain hoses, you will now have access to the motor that allows the sunroof to open and close. Once the motor has been removed, you can also take out the drain tray, after which you will be able to remove the glass roof. It is important to note that when removing the glass, you should be very careful and have someone nearby to assist. When removing the glass sunroof, you will lift straight up out of the roof of your vehicle.

Once you’ve removed the glass you will have access to the entire space and will be able to clean up around the area, removing any leaves or debris that may have gotten lodged. After you’ve cleaned up the sunroof area, you will be able to reseal the frame. While the sealant is drying, re-install the glass and the drain tray. Make sure that the chassis of the sunroof is seated correctly to ensure a tight seal, then add the headliner and drain hoses. Make sure to allow the sealant to dry in a location where it won’t be exposed to water.

If you feel uncertain about performing this fix on your vehicle by yourself, or don’t have an extra pair of hands to help you out, you should visit a trusted mechanic to help you repair this issue.

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