Although Maseratis are sleek, powerful vehicles, they are somewhat infamous for having frequent issues with their axles and suspension systems. Because these parts play a central role in allowing vehicles to operate safely, it is vital that Maserati owners know how to identify and respond to axle and suspension issues. To help you with this, here is some important information about the most common symptoms and causes of suspension failure.

Common Types of Suspension System Malfunctions

The suspension system, including the axles, is a complex network made of several moving parts, which means that there are multiple ways in which it may malfunction. Some of the most common types of suspension system problems include:

  • Improper wheel alignment
  • Degraded shock absorbers
  • Weakened or bent axles
  • Broken struts
  • Sagging or broken springs
  • Worn ball joints

Although these issues may vary in degree and severity, they all affect your ability to control your vehicle, which means that they can all have serious consequences if left unaddressed. Therefore, you should try to prevent suspension issues if possible, and should fix any problems that do arise as soon as you can.

Causes of Axle and Suspension Issues

Just as there are several ways that suspension systems may malfunction, so too are there multiple factors that may cause suspension issues. The most common cause of suspension system failure is general wear and tear. Every time you drive your Maserati, its suspension system is subjected to extreme pressures and temperatures. Although the system is designed to handle this stress, it is not invincible, and eventually, parts of it may wear down, crack, and break.

On its own, this degradation process takes a while and can usually be addressed through regular routine maintenance. However, additional factors may sometimes speed up the process. For example, accidents can often jolt a vehicle’s suspension system out of alignment. In fact, an impact as minor as hitting a pothole or driving over a branch can sometimes be enough to cause major suspension issues. One of the best ways to keep your vehicle’s suspension in good condition is by driving carefully and avoiding rough terrain.

Furthermore, leaking hydraulic shock fluid can also cause damage to your vehicle’s suspension system. When you drive your Maserati over rough roads, the hydraulic fluid in your vehicle’s shock absorbers soaks up the impact and helps make the ride smoother. However, if the shock absorber’s seals crack, the fluid may begin to leak out, lessening the suspension system’s ability to absorb damage. This can make driving very unpleasant.

Identifying the Problem Behind Suspension Issues

Fortunately, almost all suspension system issues produce similar symptoms, which means that they are relatively easy to identify. One of the most common symptoms of suspension problems is unstable driving. Because the suspension system is designed to absorb the jolts that come from driving over bumps in the road, faults in the system can lead to rocky riding.

Additionally, a broken spring or bent axle can cause your vehicle to sag to one side, which can make driving even more uncomfortable. So, if your Maserati is driving less smoothly than normal, the problem likely lies with its suspension system.

In addition, another major symptom of suspension system issues is difficulty steering. If your Maserati’s wheels are improperly aligned, they may cause your vehicle to veer to one side when driving, which can be quite dangerous. This is often accompanied by uneven or extreme tire wear, which can have further serious consequences if left unaddressed. If you notice that you are having difficulty steering your vehicle or that its tires are extremely worn, then there is a strong chance that there is something wrong with its suspension.

How Mark Douglas Motorworks Will Help

If your Maserati’s suspension system is malfunctioning, Maserati Suspension System Inspection then it is vital that you have a professional mechanic address the problem as soon as possible, and that’s where we come in.

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