One of the world’s most sought-after luxury car brands is Bentley. The ability to create extremely comfortable cars with the highest form of luxury is Bentley’s secret ingredient. It packs a larger engine than most cars, glides over the road smoothly, and has four heavenly seats.

Bentleys are reliable if maintained properly. As for repairs and servicing, it is an expensive brand, and maintenance is equally expensive, but it is necessary. At the top of all auto repair lists are transmission issues. Bentleys are not left out of this common problem, as contaminated or low fluid makes it nearly impossible for the transmission to automatically run smoothly and shift gears.

Common Reasons for Transmission Issues

The leading causes of transmission failure for all vehicles are using cars in harsh conditions, not changing the fluid and filters at the proper recommended time, and mileage. Also, you must follow the manufacturer’s maintenance for the engine to keep problems at bay.

Below are common reasons for transmission issues in your Bentley:

A cracked fluid line

Over time, heat can cause transmission fluid lines to break or crack, and this can cause fluid to leak out. Ineffective brake performance, strange noises or smells from the brake, and ABS dashboard light are signs that you are due for a brake fluid change.

Faulty transmission pan

The transmission pan is the part of the vehicle that shifts the gears. A crack or damage to the transmission pan or housing itself can cause severe leaks. The transmission pan can wear out under normal driving conditions, due to a combination of age, heat, and vibration. If you notice a faulty transmission pan in your vehicle, it is advisable to take it to a technician if you are not sure of how to fix it.


Transmission leaks are a common transmission problem that causes some devastating internal transmission issues. Transmission leaks can lead to low fluid, burnt fluid, damage, and overheating that cannot be repaired easily just by adding fluid. If you notice a leak in the transmission, it is preferable to take it to an auto repair shop to fix it before internal damage can occur. That way you’ve saved some money for a rebuilt transmission or replacement.

Slipping gears and burning smell

There are some warning signs worth looking out for when you have slipping gear. These signs are low fluid levels, unusual sounds between gear shifts, a burnt smell to dark fluid, a check engine light, and when the transmission has a hard time shifting into the next gear. These issues come before or after your transmission starts to slip.

A burning smell can be prevented by regular inspection of your fluid levels to look for indications of leaks. Maintaining your fluid level regularly and also ensuring that you do not have any leaks can help prevent a slipping transmission. You can create issues by making a mistake, so if you are not sure of the problem, it is better to bring your vehicle to our experts for a proper diagnosis of the root cause.

Noisy in neutral

This symptom is very easy to spot. If there is an odd sound coming from your transmission only while you are not moving and in neutral, it is clear that there is a transmission issue. The common issues are loose internal parts, an engine problem, worn bearings, and a loose exhaust system. A thorough inspection will find the source of the problem in order to fix it properly.

Expert Mechanics for your Bently in Mission Viejo

When it comes to maintaining luxury cars, it takes Bentley Transmission Repair an experienced mechanic to fix it perfectly. It is important to service your transmission regularly to avoid further problems. At Mark Douglas Motorworks, we use the highest factory grade tools, equipment, and materials for each vehicle we service or repair.

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