The engine of your luxurious Aston Martin is secured under the hood of your car using a mechanism called the engine mount. Though engine mounts are generally low-maintenance, they may wear out as your car ages.

When this important component of your engine develops a fault, it will significantly affect the performance and function of your Aston Martin engine.

The Purpose of the Engine Mount

Engine mounts are components of your engine made out of rubber and metal. They properly align, secure, and stabilize a vehicle’s engine by bolting it to the frame. When you engine runs, it produces energy via torque, which would twist the engine if it wasn’t bolted to the frame. Engine mounts also absorb vibrations and minimize the noise from the engine.

Causes of Engine Mount Failure

Generally, engine mounts wear out after 5 to 10 years, depending on how the engine is used and the driving conditions. However, engine mounts can wear prematurely due to excessive revving, pushing the engine hard then stopping in traffic, or if the car has been involved in a collision. Driving over road bumps and debris too fast can also increase the amount of stress on the engine mounts.

Signs Your Engine Mounts are Failing

  • Excess Noise: This is one of the first symptoms you’ll notice if your car’s engine mount is defective. Vigorous rattling or clanging and other impact-type sounds coming from the engine bay is a sign that you need to get your mounts checked out. The engine is shifting and colliding with other parts inside the engine bay, causing the unusual noises. It is usually more noticeable when you shift gears. The noises may get more intense as the mounts weaken, which is a warning sign to have this fixed as soon as possible.
  • Engine Vibration: Engine mounts normally reduce engine vibration. When they become faulty, they are unable to perform the function of absorbing engine vibrations. The vibration is disseminated throughout other areas of the vehicle, particularly the dashboard and the doors. It makes the car uncomfortable for the passengers. You may also feel that your car isn’t driving as smoothly as you’re used to and shakes badly when accelerating at higher speeds.
  • Misalignment: The engine mount is designed to align the engine with all other parts under the hood. This means that the motor is at the correct height and is the same on all sides. If you notice that the engine is bent, slack, or loose, a failing engine mount may be the cause. A simple inspection of the engine will reveal any misalignment. Also, note that if your engine tilts excessively, it may result in an engine stall.
  • Damaged Engine Belts and Hoses: If the engine sags or tilts, the engine belts may stretch excessively and eventually splinter. Some parts get damaged before others. This includes power steering belts, radiator hoses, and water pumps. However, this only happens if the engine mounts are severely damaged.
  • Exhaust Leakage: A damaged engine mount permits the engine to move. This motion can break, or in some other cases, isolate the connections between the exhaust manifolds and systems resulting in leakage. This leakage produces loud exhaust noises and can allow the exhaust gases to reach the passenger section.

If you perceive the smell of exhaust fumes in the cabin or your exhaust is making noises, exit the car immediately or drive carefully with all the windows down. This is a signal that the mounts of the exhaust have developed a fault or the engine mounts are failing.

  • Engine Damage: When the engine mounts are completely broken, the engine moves freely and comes into direct contact with the metal surface of the engine, and collides frequently, especially during high acceleration. Various engine components including valve cover gaskets and engine manifolds may get damaged in the process. Some parts of the engine can break off from the vibration and excessive movement, posing a safety hazard to other road users and leading to more costly repairs.

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