Porsche offers an amazing driving experience and intelligent innovations designed to make you feel pampered. However, any luxury car with a powerful engine will demand respect and proper maintenance from its owner to remain at the peak of its performance. One of the components of your Porsche that may need your attention is the ignition lock. In this article, we will take a look at the importance of the component, discuss its function, the warning signs of failure, and where to go for repairs of the ignition lock.

The Ignition Lock

The ignition lock can be referred to by many different names such as the ignition lock tumbler and the ignition lock cylinder. It is an integral part of the operation of your Porsche and represents the very first stage of the ignition cycle. The ignition is made out of 2 parts, the key assembly, which is where you insert your key, and the tumbler, which is what you turn your key inside.

If both parts of the ignition lock are working correctly, when the key is turned, the vehicle will power on and start the ignition process. If this doesn’t, then your Porsche won’t receive the signal to start, and despite your engine being in perfect condition, you’ll find yourself going nowhere.

What are the signs and symptoms of ignition lock failure?

There are 3 main symptoms of imminent ignition lock failure, and if these start to occur, your immediate response should be to schedule an appointment with a specialist mechanic for repair or servicing.

Problems Powering On

One of the early signs of ignition lock failure is finding it difficult to power on your Porsche. Over time, the consistent turning of the key in the tumbler can cause wear and tear of the parts. Depending on contributing factors, such as inserting you key roughly or using heavy keychains, this part can start to fail. The first sign is usually that certain key positions stop working, such as powering the accessories.

Porsche Fails to Start

The most glaringly obvious sign of failure is a Porsche that won’t start. This is a sign of the total failure of the ignition lock system and means that until repairs are done, your car is not moving. If you are faced with this issue it is important to remain calm and call for help. Don’t get frustrated and try jamming your key into the assembly more roughly as this is only likely to cause more damage.

A Key that Sticks

If in pristine condition, your key should smoothly slide in and out of the ignition lock. However, if this feels “sticky,” for example, you notice the key removes smoothly to an extent before reaching a point and requiring more force, then it is likely you have an early sign of ignition lock failure on your hands. You can rule out your key being at fault by examining its surface for dings, dents, or warping. If you notice this, it is easy to simply replace your key.

If your key seems to be in good condition, then it’s likely the tumbler or the ignition lock has become warped or damaged. This is often caused by a build up of tiny fragments of metal from the repetitive insertion and removal of your key which will result in your ignition lock needing servicing.

How to Find Great Servicing

If you notice a problem with your Posrche’s ignition lock, then your next step is to seek out professional servicing. Where possible you should always choose an auto repair shop which ideally specialises in Porsche or German manufactured vehicles. Porsche Ignition Lock Issue Fix This will help ensure that the team that works on your vehicle knows the specifics of your make and model in detail, thus ensuring servicing is done thoroughly and professionally.

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